February Tarotscopes 2022

For the February Tarotscopes 2022, we are working with two different Tarot decks. In the top row for each sign, we have the Tarot Draconis. In the bottom row, we have the Runic Tarot. The image above shows the cards for Aries through Virgo. Scroll down to the middle of the post to view the cards pulled for Libra through Pisces. Don’t forget to check both your Sun and Rising signs!

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Aries – Virgo February Tarotscopes 2022

Aries – 2 of Pentacles + 8 of Cups

It’s time to move away from some of the stress you are currently experiencing. This situation is no longer tenable. Choose wisely which path to take and make sure you move to higher ground.

Taurus – 4 of Swords + Judgement

If you have been ill you can expect a full recovery this month. If you have simply been dithering and/or you have been lazy, you must now make a decisive move. It’s time to get going again!

Gemini – The Fool + Ace of Wands

Fun fact: That one crazy idea that seems impossible but that you can’t get rid of… You’re actually meant to make that happen in February. Believe in yourself and get to work… and never mind the naysayers.

Cancer – Queen of Swords + Five of Swords

Have you had enough of the drama yet? Whether you have been acting like a drama queen or there are others in your life, now is the time to get balance and harmony back. Simply cut your losses and walk away.

Leo – Queen of Pentacles + 6 of Cups

It’s time to visit someone from your past. Take a gift with you and spend happy moments reminiscing. You will return from this trip recharged and have a sense of feeling nourished/comforted.

Virgo – 5 of Cups + 9 of Pentacles

Heal your life this month by refocusing your energy. You have spent far too much time fretting about an emotionally draining situation. Look after your physical health and book yourself in for a massage!

Libra – Pisces February Tarotscopes 2022

Libra – Page of Pentacles + Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles repeating is highly significant. You will face an old lesson once more. This time you will want to make sure you get a ‘Pass’ so you won’t have to repeat this yet again later on in the year.

Scorpio – 4 of Wands + Knight of Pentacles

Working from home could be a theme for you in February so make sure to find the right balance. Your home environment needs to be cozy enough to relax but organised enough for work.

Sagittarius – Page of Swords + 4 of Swords

Your frantic could be all over the place in February. As the light returns, there is so much you desire and plan on doing. Start with scheduling your daily meditation practice. Then the rest will fall into place.

Capricorn – 2 of Wands + 8 of Swords

An unconventional and dynamic partnership could be the gift you didn’t know you needed in order to move forward. Grab it with both hands and run with it; Do NOT get stuck in analysis paralysis!

Aquarius – King of Cups + The Devil

A chance for some shadow work for you this month! Your aloofness isn’t working for you… and that’s a good thing. Connect deeply with your feelings and be fearless about the darkness within. It’s time to heal.

Pisces – 10 of Swords + Death

A longstanding, difficult situation is finally coming to an end, just as you thought you couldn’t go on for a second longer. You come out of this transformed into a more understanding and stronger version of yourself.


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