July Tarotscopes 2021

July Tarotscopes 2021

July Tarotscopes 2021 with the Beyond Lemuria Oracle and the Hanson Roberts Tarot

Check out the July 2021 Guidance for the Collective HERE.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Aries

July is a month of exponential growth for you, spiritually, psychically and emotionally. You are coming to a place of greater trust in yourself and find more ease in your beingness. What you may have chased in the past is now easily magnetisted toward you.

However, as always, there is a caveat. You need to stay disciplined and focused on the direction you wish to move in. Everything you begin now will manifest more quickly so stay on track to make sure you don’t end up manifesting a bunch of stuff that you have no use for or that is not for the Highest Good.

There is zero need to second-guess yourself unless you do become distracted by stuff that you know deep down is beneath you. Your spidey sense are super strong in July. Use this to expand your domain of influence or to achieve a longheld dream. Success is on the cards!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Taurus

You want to expand and travel or progress some kind of creative venture but physical restrictions and/or a lack of resources is holding you back. How do you solve this dilemma?

Ask your inner 6-year-old for advice. It’s not that prudence is not also needed but perhaps you already have an overabundance of this? Taking what we perceive as a serious issue very seriously can prevent a creative solution from arising organically.

So allow yourself play your way to the solution. Playfulness leads to out-of-the-box thinking and a solution is likely to appear like a bolt of lightning from a clear-blue sky.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Gemini

You have been feeling stuck and perhaps even a bit bored lately. Sticking to the same old routine is not going to help you become unstick. Search out the edges of your day-to-day existence and try pushing them out or even jumping across them.

The way you jump across is to engage in some new acitivity or by learning a new skill. When you allow yourself to become fully immersed in this new journey, a new perspective will be born and you will awaken to deeper layers of consciousness.

It’s fantastic that you are feeling bored. In fact, it’s just what the doctor ordered because it will push you outside your comfort zone and that is where all growth takes place!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Cancer

A relationship that you are clinging to has been zapping you of vitality. The dynamic is toxic in some way, perhaps in the form of co-dependence, or maybe you are dealing with someone who scores quite a few points in a sociopath test. Either way, it takes two to tango and as much as you would love to help this person heal, you can’t do that for them when they don’t want to.

It’s time to say goodbye. You know it, don’t you. The Star promises that you will feel lighter and shine much brighter once you let go. With the soul-sucking energy gone from your life forever, you can begin feeling optimistic about the future once more.

Sometimes the greatest act of self-care is a goodbye.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Leo

You are not feeling like your normal, fun-loving and adventurous self. You may have been taken on the role of the dutiful son/daughter, friend or employee. Either way, it looks like it’s been all work and not even a whole lot of recognition/pay-out even for that.

The challenge here is really to re-member who you are and stop worrying about things beyond your control. Yes, you probably still have to put the hours in and do your chores but after that, what’s keeping your mind hooked on negativity?

Clear your mind daily and start each day with a sense of gratitude and some positive affirmations. Alternatively, if you are truly suffering and suspect clinical depression, please seek help. No harm, no foul. Either way, the problems you experience now as physical/material are all in your mind. Get that mind make-over any way you can!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Virgo

Time to take a leap, dear Virgo. The Hermit is a sign that you will be doing some soul-searching in July. The Hermit corresponds with your Sun Sign virgo. This also tells me that you are planning on beginning a new project, studies or job this autumn.

You may be pondering if you have enough resources to carry your plan through and you are also worried about people in your care, such as children or close relatives. You don’t want to be too self-indulgent, even when you pursue a new venture for your own development and the highest good.

Rest assured, the Universe sees you and will provide. The thing you are thinking about doing is something Spirit is calling you to do. The resources will become available as and when they are needed. Trust and leap!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Libra

Things may not go exactly to plan in July but there will be opportunities for growth. The trick is to allow for serendipty to guide you, even when you feel that you need to have all your ducks in a row. Stay open and adaptable when it comes to any creative ventures or if you are trying to conceive.

Whatever it is you have in mind to achieve or do this month will only suffer if you get too organised and plan every stage of the journey. The Page of Swords suggests that you will get further by asking questions and allowing the Universe to answer them in its own good time, rather than by issuing dictats.

Plenty of opportunities abound for you this month but many if not most will appear serendiptiously, so stay open to signs and synchronicities.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Scorpio

July is a month for developing more of your Yin/feminine traits such as receptivity, flow, trust, surrender, and psychic ability. It’s also an amazing for dreamwork.

The challenge is to let go or stop doing some of the things that are a drain on your energy or that are caushing high stress levels. You have been working hard or engaged in activities that leave you simply switching off when you are resting. To be receptive is not to be switched off.

When you allow yourself to become receptive through relaxation and meditation, messages from Spirit will start coming through. Keep a journal and be amazed at all the insights you can get this way!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Sagittarius

As much as you have been defending your beliefs lately and as sure you may be that they will never change, July is the month when at least one key belief of yours will change. It won’t be subtle either and it may shock some of your friends and loved ones.

The catalyst for change is new information coming in through various channels, including spirit. You are about to have your world rocked. Looking back, you’ll see that July 2021 was a month of awakening. Working with crystals for balancing your mind can be helpful. Fluoruite and clear quartz are excellent for this.

This means that you will need to find ways of creating stability again. For a while, everything will be up in the air. You may even ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ – This is actually an excellent question to be asking for laying a new, solid foundation for the future after your big aha moment.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Capricorn

July is a month of deep healing of any shadow issues, especially with regards to addiction. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about substance abuse but it certainly could be about that as well.

Deep feelings of oppression act as a catalyst for change. You wish for nothing more than emotional freedom. The good news is that you can create this for yourself.

The Magician is a sign that you have all the resources you need to do just this. The addictions were a weak attempt to distract yourself from what you didn’t want in your life. You’re old enough to know that this won’t work. It’s time to focus away from the things that you don’t want to experience anymore and look at what your True Will is. Then go forth and manifest that!


July Tarotscopes 2021 Aquarius

Allow love to flow freely this month. You are experiencing a heart chakra opening. The more love you give, the more energised and whole you will feel. You get to experience the true healing power of love by surrendering to the awakening of your heart now, if you so wish.

And yet, there is tendency to doubt that this is true or real. Can life really be this good just because of love and falling in love with all of life? Yes, it can so stop doubting yourself and remember that you are the Water Bearer, the herald of the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Holy Spirit as it’s also known.

A celebration of some kind is on the cards for you. No doubt, even if there is no formal cause for celebration, you will be able to find one. This is a great month for just enjoying life to the full.


July Tarotscopes 2021 Pisces

You have a newfound sense of freedom that comes from realising that being free has less to do with external circumstances and more to do with your state of mind. You have actualised an awareness of zero-point alignment and the ability to return to this blissful state of being. Full alignment is only ever one breath away at the most.

Not only you will benefit from this new sense of freedom. With it comes a lightness and a joy that your loved ones will also sense and benefit from. Harmony is possible in all your relationships.

If there have been any longstanding family feuds they can be resolved now. Any court case or legal proceeding you are involved in is likely to have a favourable outcome.