Leo Season Tarotscopes 2022

Leo Season Tarotscopes 2022

There will be no August Tarotscopes this year. I felt inspired to replace them with Leo Season Tarotscopes instead. In 2022, Leo Season dates are 23 July – 22 August. Moving forward, future Tarotscopes will be aligned with the Zodiacal Season rather than with the month.

For each of the 12 Tarotscopes covering the Zodiac, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot. Make sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs below for a more complete forecast. Because these are general forecasts, you are advised to take on board only that which resonates.

Some of the general Leo Season themes taken into account for the individual Tarotscopes below are radiance, magnanimity, sovereignty, generosity, leadership, playfulness, children, creativity, and romance.

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Aries Leo Season Tarotscope

Leo Season Tarotscopes Aries

Leo Season looks wonderful for any of you looking for an adventure. This is especially true for those of you who are questing for new love. You are surrounded by loving and well-intentioned people wherever you go, and among those people you are more than likely to find new love. And yes, it may be somebody you already know.

Those of you who are coupled may feel that you need a bit more freedom during Leo Season but that doesn’t have to mean a break-up (or cheating, God forbid). You simply need to let your loved one(s) know what you require. They will be understanding and you will be able to pick back up where left off when you return from your travels/adventures.

Taurus Leo Season Tarotscope

Taurus Leo Season Tarotscopes

Leo Season will be a time for going within for many of us since Jupiter stations retrograde on the day of the New Moon in Leo. This is especially true for you, dear Taurus. In your case, you could be reconsidering your career path and begin looking for more fun and/or challenging options.

Things may seem to grind to a halt for a while though so learn to be okay with that. In fact, learn to actively seek out stillness for meditating and going within. Then you will be ready to leap when that opportunity you are already sensing in your gut presents itself.

Gemini Leo Season Tarotscope

Gemini Leo Season Tarotscopes

The inner work you did during Gemini Season is starting to pay off. You feel more connected to your heart, your imagination and your creativity once more. Now would be a good time to look for a group of like-minded souls to get together for some kind of creative venture.

This is also a great time for romance. If you are single and looking, the most likely place to find new love will be among colleagues or classmates.

Any kind of creative and/or romantic (who says they can’t be both!) collaborations are highly favoured during Leo Season. Stay focused on your heart’s desires and follow your bliss to attract the right partners.

Cancer Leo Season Tarotscope

Cancer Leo Season Tarotscopes

Your confidence levels are on the up. Do celebrate what you achieved during Cancer Season in terms of self-love and self-care. However, now is not the time to leap forward. For now, stick to what is tried and tested.

You could be feeling a bit stuck in a rut in your career and as if the work you do isn’t valued. Or it could be that you know you are underperforming because you feel the tasks you have to perform are beneath you. Either way, contemplate the best way forward and align fully with what’s in your heart before you start applying for a new position. Be honest with yourself and be prepared to admit that you have been choosing to cling to something you don’t truly love because it’s within your comfort zone.

Leo – Leo Season Tarotscope

Leo Leo Season Tarotscopes

A celebration is on the cards for you. No surprises there since it is your birthday month. But you may wish to reconsider your guest list. Some of the people may be on there out of old habit or because someone else expects you to invite them. Yet they no longer belong in your inner circle of trust.

Be honest with yourself. You don’t need to justify your choices. And you deserve to be surrounded only by people who truly appreciate you, especially on your big day. From this solar return onward, there will be some people you are definitely better off without in your life. Why not use your birthday to draw that line in the sand?

Virgo Leo Season Tarotscope

Virgo Leo Season Tarotscopes

The big theme for you this Leo Season is to free yourself from your past and retrain your brain to have a more optimistic outlook on the future. You seem almost completely caught in analysis paralysis right now and it’s because you are allowing past events to dictate your future.

It actually looks like if you don’t actively seek to free yourself from the negative thought patterns that are looping right now, some external event might have to do the job for you. This will serve to shake you up from the illusion that you have no option but to continue on the same old tracks that lead nowhere. So this time, a shake-up will serve you well. It can act as a catalyst to help you break up with a dysfunctional mindset. Let it do that for you. Something better awaits. Give yourself a fresh start!

Libra Leo Season Tarotscope

Libra Leo Season Tarotscopes

You are still stuck in the same circumstance mentioned in the July Tarotscopes. If you need more time to align with your Higher Self and make your mind up, you need more time. But thankfully, this limbo situation will clear up during Leo Season.

Pretty soon, you will feel like not just drawing a sigh of relief but like you have cause to celebrate. The long period of ambivalence will be over. You will do what makes you happy and you may be surprised to find out that this is the very thing that makes everybody else happy too.

Scorpio Leo Season Tarotscope

Scorpio Leo Season Tarotscopes

You are sovereign and free and it seems you are finally ready to move on from anybody who doesn’t validate your sovereignty. You are ready to leave a toxic situation/relationship or situationship behind. Don’t be surprised if that makes the other person try to hold you even tighter. Be prepared to get your ‘shitty stick’ out to fight them off.

One way to deal with this situation is to literally remove yourself as far from the other person as possible. Aren’t you due a holiday? Pick a favourite destination and go already!

Sagittarius Leo Season Tarotscope

Sagittarius Leo Season Tarotscopes

Have you been abusing your body recently? It looks like Leo Season is a good time to detox and limit some of the ‘good life’ you have been enjoying lately. Going overboard isn’t how you love yourself better. But you know that now because you’re paying the piper, aren’t you?

This is a good time to think about how you can become lighter and brighter again. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose excess weight but it can do for some of you. The important thing is to create a focus away from any bad habits and onto the kinds of things that uplift you and help you feel inspired again. Vow to create a more balanced approach for the future. Jupiter (the ruling planet of Sagittarius) going retrograde on the 28th of July will help you reevaluate your tendency toward excess.

Capricorn Leo Season Tarotscope

Capricorn Leo Season Tarotscopes

Any money troubles you have had recently should ease up this month. Just take care to invest any windfall prudently and don’t spend it all in one go. What you should prioritise other than investments is a holiday. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive holiday but you do need a break. And you need to see some new sites for inspiration. In this area, you are well advised to indulge.

Leo Season looks like a potentially joyful time. I think the cards are saying, ‘The more you move about and the more you can allow wanderlust to guide you, the more happiness you will enjoy.’ Sometimes the best way to invest in our future is to allow ourselves to become fully absorbed by the here and now through new and exciting experiences.

Aquarius Leo Season Tarotscope

Aquarius Leo Season Tarotscopes

The past is over and done with. You are rearing to go but you have yet to decide on where to focus and direct all that energy you freed up. Align with your Higher Self. Remember what it feels like to feel truly alive, passionate and excited once more.

An outside event could trigger exponential growth during Leo Season but you have to be willing to act when the trumpet sounds. And, more importantly, you must act from the heart. It may require a LOT of courage but it will be SO worth it. This is a great time for you to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Pisces Leo Season Tarotscope

Pisces Leo Season Tarotscopes

This is your lucky month in 2022. Whatever you desire or wish for can manifest with the speed of lightning. It’s time to expand your energy out into the world and be generous with yourself and your gifts. Doing so will be the very thing that brings you that ‘luck.’ Because you and I both know there is no such thing as ‘luck.’

But there is a sense of optimism welling up inside you now. Acting on that optimism will expand your horizons and bring you all the opportunities you could ever dream of.

For some of you who are trying to conceive, this is the month you succeed.

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