libra december tarotscope

Libra December Tarotscope 2021

Libra December Tarotscope

Libra December Tarotscope 2021

This is the December Tarotscope for Libra Sun and Rising. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

libra december tarotscope

Dear Libra, this can potentially be a super productive month for you, and one that leads to new opportunities. If you have been contemplating going ahead with a project that involves working together with others, this is your green light from Spirit. You have the skills needed to do this. The people who are coming together to do this work now are, in fact, all highly skilled so things should move forward at some speed as soon as you get going.

Thankfully, you are also skilled at keeping others happy through tact and diplomacy so no relationship issues, delays, or hiccups are showing here at all. However, do keep a careful eye on your inbox and text messages so that you don’t miss any. There may be quite a few more than usual and many of them will be quite important.

If you feel this message doesn’t apply to you, it could be because you are stuck in a rut and not using your skills and talents to their full potential. Ask around in the types of professional circles you would like to find yourself in and you will soon find something better. It’s all about being proactive and going after your dream.

Because you are going to be so busy at work/with this new venture/team effort, you may have to put other things on hold in December. This may cause some issues in your private life if you’re not careful, or if your partner/friends fail to appreciate how busy you are. Communicate clearly and pencil in time to just hang with your homies.

Cards: The Magician, 3 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands


Lisa Frideborg

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