May 2022 Tarotscopes

may 2022 tarotscopes

For the May 2022 Tarotscopes, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot. April 30 (New Moon in Taurus) kicks off eclipse season and on the 16 of May, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This is a powerful month for transformation and letting go, in other words.

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs below. Take only what resonates.

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Aries May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes aries

The main area of transformation for you in May, dear Aries, is your work. This is especially true for those of you who are looking to expand into doing more creative work. If you are stuck in a 9-5, you are likely to feel increasingly restless. This is Spirit nudging you to move on and to align with your life purpose.

In some instances, this could be motherhood beckoning as well. You are trying to conceive or thinking about starting a family. Either way, you are facing an important decision about how to move forward (or not) on your chosen career path. Life is about so much more than just paying the bills and you are starting to feel this acutely now.

Taurus May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes taurus

It’s all change for you in May, dear Taurus. It’s your main birthday month as well so I pray that your solar return will bring many blessings as you metamorphose to embody your Soul Essence Fully. The Taurus Knight of Pentacles following XIII Death is a good sign of a successful process of transformation.

With the Ace of Swords, we have new beginnings that promise success post-transformation. The key to success is to keep doing your Taurus thing and plug away patiently at whatever new thing you are starting now. Eclipse season in your own sign brings wonderful opportunities to release anything from your life that has been holding you back. You are in the process of becoming completely unstoppable!

Gemini May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes gemini

May is not the most comfortable month for you on a mental-physical level. You could be stalling about making an important decision and it’s because you’re not keen to get out of your current comfort zone. You also don’t like the idea of having to choose because it means saying no to an option that you would potentially like to keep open further down the line.

Here’s the rub: Not making a choice is just going to make you seem indecisive and possibly even untrustworthy. It’s also going to deprive you of physical energy as the tension inside you builds. Please rest assured that there is no wrong decision you can make as long as you keep moving forward and come up with a cunning plan for how to succeed. Don’t let money worries make the choice for you. Look deeper than that and show a little faith in your inner guidance.

Cancer May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes cancer

For some of you, the month of May brings a complete identity shift. This is likely to be especially true if your primary identification has been as a mother or someone who primarily provides care for others. I sense an upcoming spiritual initiation for you and it is linked to the eclipse portals.

It is important for you to attune yourself to celestial energies and start seeing yourself as part of a bigger puzzle. You are currently on a path of initiation into the Divine Feminine mysteries and you have an important role to play in the capacity of a Priestess of the Goddess as Gaia ascends. Keep moving and flowing with the ever-shifting energies. Relationships that no longer serve you will begin dissolving. Don’t panic if this happens before you connect with your soul tribe. You’re not meant to do this all on your own!

Leo May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes leo

Ahhhh… there is romance in the air for you, dear Leo. If you have been looking for love, this could be it! But tread carefully. Anybody you meet this month is likely to come with some kind of karmic past life connection. And though the relationship is likely to be deeply transformational, it will also test you to the limit. At times, the very depth of your emotions will frighten you.

If this does not concern new love, it could be a deepening of intimacy in another relationship, or you could be falling in love with yourself/Spirit. Essentially, everything that shows up as a big lesson for you this month is about heart expansion and compassion, for self and others.

Expect lively/vivid dreams. Get a dream journal if you don’t have one already as your dreams can act as a guide for any karmic lessons you are navigating.

Virgo May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes virgo

As things start speeding up for you in May, dear Virgo, you need to learn how to work smarter instead of harder. In fact, a whole lot of the things you are doing right now need to go. Many of them serve no real purpose other than giving you a sense of busy-ness. And in quite a few instances, Spirit informs me, some of you have used this workaholic tendency to self-soothe.

It’s time to move on! You can serve the Divine in a much better capacity once you let go of all the doing for the sake of doing. Make a list of all the things you will STOP doing in May. Then decide where to really focus your energy for the Highest Good. If there are still things that need to get done that don’t line up with where Spirit is leading you, see if you can delegate. It’s either that or let go completely. Because you are moving to higher ground now.

Libra May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes libra

Ouch! Something finally gets off the ground, only to come crashing down all around you in May, dear Libra. Don’t allow this to get you down. It is only a temporary setback. You can even use it constructively to look at what it is you need to shift on an emotional level to make this stick next time.

This could be an unexpected break-up in a relatively new relationship. Or it could be a promising business partnership where the other party decides to back out. It could be a promised house move that doesn’t happen. Or you could have been promised funding and then the sponsor backs out. Whatever it is, please don’t cry over spilt milk this month. This too is happening for you and not to you. But yes, you will have to work hard at finding the silver lining.

Scorpio May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes Scorpio

The lunar eclipse in your own sign is unlocking something deep within you. It feels as if you are finally finding the courage to follow your creative dreams in a BIG way!

Act on this in an equally BIG way! Spirit is almost shouting at me to let you know, ‘Take MASSIVE ACTION on any creative inspiration that springs up from within this month!’ You have held yourself back for long enough. It’s time to face the world with the magic of YOU and SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

Sagittarius May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes sagittarius

Okay, you are busy serving and shining your light this month… Well done, dear Saggie! But are you a bit too much in your headspace? IF you are feeling confused, it’s because you’ve allowed yourself to get out of alignment with your heart. You have been looking around you instead of going within. In your heart is where you will find all the answers.

There are many outward ways to be of service. Just be aware that none of them is as important as your intention. Decide what your intention is this month and then make the second most important decision: to actually TRUST in your inner guidance and that still small voice inside your heart. Connect with it often through prayer and meditation.

Capricorn May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes capricorn

You are still on the manifesting roll that started last month. Again, it looks like a month of deeply held wishes coming true. But in May you may have to battle for some of them. Stand your ground. Not everyone is liking the new you. And not everyone will be on board with your vision for change. That’s okay. Just let it go and refocus. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in the old trap of not feeling supported. You ARE supported by everything that wishes for LOVE to reign on Earth.

May is all about simply allowing yourself to radiate your soul light into the world. That way, you will magnetise everything that is meant for you. Don’t forget to simply relax and enjoy every now and again as well.

Aquarius May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes aquarius

Some of the seeds you planted last month have come or are coming to fruition in May, dear Aqua. So prepare to celebrate. Your relationships, friendships and love life are blossoming like never before. You are allowing yourself to open your heart to nurture intimacy and it’s paying off in a BIG way.

Simply enjoy this new, more sensitive side of yourself. May is also an excellent month for psychic development. Find a circle or someone who offers regular workshops so that you can capitalise on becoming increasingly more receptive to subtle energy.

Pisces May 2022 Tarotscope

may 2022 tarotscopes pisces

Following on from last month’s reading, here we have the proof that you have indeed levelled up. You are now getting ready to assume more of a leadership role in your community. Don’t worry if this is accompanied by fear and anxiety. You still have your human side and that side of you will react to you stepping out of your comfort zone.

You will find yourself deep in ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ territory in May. Any gamble you take is very likely to succeed though so take the leap, and do it joyfully. The feeling I get is being on a rollercoaster love. You’re loving it but you’re also filled with anxious tension–especially as you are about to go over the top. Get ready to squeal with delight.


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