November 2018 Tarotscopes

November 2018 Tarotscopes

November 2018 Tarotscopes

Time for the November Tarotscopes… Wow, there isn’t much left of 2018 now, is there?! We’ve just had a cold snap and this weekend we turned the clocks back so it’s starting to feel like winter already as well.

I’m looking forward to Samhain later this week and connecting with my ancestors in ritual. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time for Beltane celebrations… Samhain and Beltane are both magickal celebrations in the Wheel of the Year and I wish you many blessings no matter how (or not) you choose to celebrate.

Before we head on over to look at what’s in store for November (don’t forget to check your Sun, Moon and Rising signs), let’s see what is happening in the stars…

Important astro calendar dates in November

  • Uranus Rx enters Aries – 6 November
  • New Moon in Scorpio – 7 November
  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius – 8 November
  • Venus goes direct in Libra – 16 November
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius – 17 November
  • Sun enters Sagittarius – 22 November
  • Full Moon in Gemini – 23 November
  • Neptune goes direct in Pisces (Rx since June) – 24 November

For this month’s Tarotscopes, we are working with the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Lösche.

November 2018 Tarotscopes


Aries November 2018 Tarotscopes

A great month for business, career and finance. Your mind is sharp and you have all the physical resources you need to move ahead with your plans. More importantly, you have a vision of what you want to create.

Do listen to what others have to say as well though. It will be beneficial in the long-term. You may need a bit of help with the practical details and you’re more likely to receive it if you humble yourself and listen to what others have to say. It’s possible that you know they why and what but aren’t entirely sure of the how. Let people help and be humble when advice is given. That doesn’t mean sacrificing your own vision, it’s just about recognising that you are part of a bigger picture and not the sole driving force behind what is going on now.

Affirmation: I value the input of others as I forge ahead.


Taurus November 2018 Tarotscopes

Relationships are in focus for you in November and especially the relationship with yourself/inner child. Use your intuition and trust what your body is telling you with regards any missing pieces you need to integrate now in order to feel whole.

Dreamwork can be extremely beneficial for getting to the root of any anxiety or feeling of discontent. You need truth and clarity and by the end of the month you will have it, provided you do the inner work.

What is going on inside you is likely to be reflected on the outside as well and concerns your relationships with other women in particular. Pay close attention to any patterns in female relationships and how some of them act as triggers. You have what it takes to clear some of these triggers once and for all now.

Affirmation: I listen to the voice of my inner child and lovingly give her what she needs.


Gemini November 2018 Tarotscopes

A situation that seemed stable turns out to not be so stable or long-lasting after all. Don’t let this get you down. Try to look for the silver lining to this cloud. It could turn out to be for the best.

Look after your physical foundation in November by addressing your sleeping habits, diet and exercise. Your energy levels could be flagging but there is much you can do to rectify this. It is possible that you are finding it more difficult than usual to detach emotionally from what is going around you.

Ask yourself if you could be feeling this way because of a lack of sleep. It will be much easier to start feeling inspired again if you look after your body’s needs.

Affirmation: I take great care of my body.


Cancer November 2018 Tarotscopes

This is an exciting month if you feel inspired to share your creativity with the world. Look for opportunities to come your way as you begin putting yourself out there… The crux is that you have to take the first step. Nobody is going to come knocking on your door asking what you’re up to. You have to expose your creation to the world.

Once you pluck up the courage to do so, you could find that you are approached for a creative partnership of some kind. Accept any such offer graciously, as it could be the start of something big and will help you gain both exposure and experience.

Affirmation: I am excited about sharing my work with the world and open up to new collaborations.


Leo November 2018 Tarotscopes

This month you could find yourself torn between something you feel deeply passionate about and something that provides more stability. It could be easy to dismiss your true feelings in favour of ‘better the devil you know’ but it is the right path for you?

Only you know the answer to this but don’t make any important decisions until you have aligned your mind with your heart. Moving forward with doubt or lack of clarity will have long-term (even karmic) consequences.

For some of you this will concern whether to stay or go in a long-term relationship. If that is the case, put off your final decision until Venus goes direct on the 16th of November.

Affirmation: I choose to move forward with my heart and mind aligned.


Virgo November 2018 Tarotscopes

Love and romance is in focus for you this month. New love could be on offer, or even the return of an ex. Either way, the most important thing to be mindful of is to not let your past inform your future.

If we are looking at a new relationship beginning to blossom, please put aside your critical inner voice to allow for a moment, to love to grow. Just because things have been really shitty in the past, doesn’t mean it has to happen this way again. Isolation is the price you could pay for being overly cautious and/or cynical… Of course that is a choice you must make for yourself. Are they worthy or not? Just be sure that you judge them on their own merit and take your time getting to know them.

Affirmation: I open up to new love and embrace new experiences without prejudging them.


Libra November 2018 Tarotscopes

Time to withdraw and spend some time in contemplation. A lot has happened in the past few weeks and you need to give yourself time to process it, especially if any of it has made you more anxious.

Thankfully, it won’t take you long to put yourself back together once you give yourself space to breathe. You will soon leave worrying thoughts behind and realise that there was no real cause for concern. You had just put yourself in a state of overwhelm because of feeling as if you needed to live up to someone else’s expectations when really, this was just a lesson about discernment and choosing the best way forward for you, without feeling a need to justify your decision.

Affirmation: I walk my path in harmony with others and the voice of my soul.


Scorpio November 2018 Tarotscopes

November is your month and it’s a month that is bringing massive change. Your physical reality is changing due to a huge value shift. You are realising that the things that brought you happiness in the past are no longer a source of joy.

Sacrifices will need to be made and some of your close relationships could come to an end. This is all happening in the wake of the most recent Taurus Full Moon. Use the days leading up to the New Moon in Scorpio to release what no longer serves you. Some pretty brutal cuts will be made and things/people you thought you would never part with could cease to be part of your life permanently.

But it is all good. You are making for true joy and a deep feeling of contentment, so be patient with this process even if it is drawn out and painful at times.

Affirmation: I let go. (Repeat as many times as necessary – on every exhalation if need be)


Sagittarius November 2018 Tarotscopes

You could find that material concerns weigh heavily on you this month and take up a lot of your energy as well. Decisions need to be made about how to spend your money. Your torn between indulging yourself and looking after your loved ones.

It’s time to come up with a cunning plan and divide your resources so that there is enough for both. Try a more pragmatic approach to this dilemma than usual and actually come up with a budget. You might be surprised with how much energy this seemingly dull task will free up. It will help you look forward to the festive season without any money worries and that in turn will help you feel more confident and energised.

Affirmation: I adopt a pragmatic approach to money and budget accordingly.


Capricorn November 2018 Tarotscopes

It looks like you will be on a spiritual quest this month where your compassion levels will be tested against fear… This could be fear of failure, of not being (good) enough… It could be very old fear that is coming up for clearing too… Many lifetimes worth.  Any phobias that crop up are signposts and something to be grateful for.

When you feel fear affecting your thinking, (re-)actions and decisions, simply acknowledge the fear and ask what it needs from love to be transmuted.

Don’t fear these processes and know that you have what it takes to engage in the process of soul alchemy to transmute even the oldest fears and deepest wounds for healing. Your end goal needs to remain greater levels of compassion. As long as your mindful of that, you will do just fine. You are growing emotionally this month and yes… there will be growing pains.

Affirmation: I am compassionate with myself and others.


Aquarius November 2018 Tarotscopes

Well, well, well… It seems you are reluctant to delegate and would rather do all the work yourself. Is the work worth getting burned out over though? Because that is what could happen here unless you you accept some help.

If you have yet to be offered help, don’t hang around and don’t be shy about asking. There is absolutely no point in carrying this stress and burden all by yourself. You will receive both help and encouragement if you just ask…

Affirmation: It’s OK to ask for help.


Pisces November 2018 Tarotscopes

People are likely to come to you for clarity and guidance this month. Your muse is present with you and she is encouraging you to share yourself with the world in new and exciting ways. New people who you have not yet worked with will be drawn to you as well. Get ready for a busy month!

Any half-finished projects can be completed now as you have the energy needed to complete them. Stay organised by making a schedule and sticking to it.

Affirmation: I am organised and disciplined with my time.



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