november 2021 tarotscopes

November 2021 Tarotscopes

The November 2021 Tarotscopes are with the Tarot of Curious Creatures. Don’t forget to check both your Sun and Rising signs!

Aries November Tarotscope

Aries November Tarotscopes

This is a great month for career advancement. You could gain a promotion or a raise. If you’re looking for a new job don’t worry about how you’ll be perceived by your prospective employer; worry more about if they are worthy of your time! They’re likely to want to hire you on the spot. Whatever you do this month regarding your work or career, you’ll have the golden touch.

Taurus November Tarotscope

Taurus November Tarotscopes

Whatever choice you are facing, please know that you can’t go wrong if you go with the one that fills you with the most hope. It’s time to get off the fence and start moving forward. The choice you make will bring happiness not just to yourself but also to your loved ones. Oh, and one more thing — the choice you make that brings you hope may seem a bit odd to some people. Please don’t worry about justifying it to them. They aren’t as well versed in looking into the future as you are.

Gemini November Tarotscope

Gemini November Tarotscopes

If you’re normally more of a lone-wolf or a solopreneur, this could be the month where you need to get used to some teamwork. Not all of it will be fun but you’ll be working with others who want you to succeed. This teamwork malarkey will demand perseverance but that’s pretty much your middle name so you’ll be fine. The payout will make you feel it was well worth it!

Cancer November Tarotscope

Cancer November Tarotscopes

As you awaken to deeper layers of consciousness, you will face some important choices in the month ahead. Some of these choices will have to be made on the fly. Never second-guess your first choice. Your intuition is spot on and your gut will know way before your brain which is the right choice to make under the circumstances. If for any reason you still feel unable to make your mind up, turn to a trusted female friend who has a good intuitive track record.

Leo November Tarotscope

Leo November Tarotscopes

Untangle that Gordian knot in your mind that has left you in a state of analysis paralysis. You have way overcomplicated the situation. Really, this is not like you so we’ll chalk it up to the recent Mercury Rx really doing a number on you. Just go with what you know is right in your heart and your visionary optimism and leadership skills will soon shine like the sun once more! Whatever was out of balance in October will be restored in November.

Virgo November Tarotscope

Virgo November Tarotscopes

Your generosity will really pay off in November, dear Virgo. You’ll be able to fly free and get unstuck faster than you imagined. It’s time to forget about the past and focus on where you are heading next. Once you have the destination firmly set in your mind, do not allow anything to distract you. You’ve been given another chance to achieve your dreams… and everything you thought was a failure in the past is now showing up as a benefit and a lesson you can pass on along the way.

Libra November Tarotscope

Libra November Tarotscopes

You know what, your fabulous Libra self deserves a break! You’ve done really well this year and if nobody else has given it to you yet, consider this the pat on the back you deserve. Not only have you worked hard, but you have also achieved a LOT – more than most (including yourself) give yourself credit for. So your only homework for the month ahead is to have some fun and engage more in the things that nurture your inspiration and creativity!

Scorpio November Tarotscope

Scorpio November Tarotscopes

Any unresolved conflicts can be resolved this month. All it takes is the right words at the right time and the situation can be diffused. Be patient. You’ll know what to say and when to say it. And though you may be considered the underdog in this conflict, you will come out on top if you persevere and use tact and diplomacy. Just set the intention to stay vigilant and keep a clear mind.

Sagittarius November Tarotscope

A situation or relationship (possibly both) that has outlived its usefulness is coming to an end this month, dear Sagittarius. It’s almost as if you have a birdseye view of the situation all of a sudden and can see very clearly that something you have been doing for quite some time is no longer working. So it’s time to drag the chopping block out and end it. It may not be pleasant but you will feel a huge sense of relief when this situation has ended.

Capricorn November Tarotscope

Capricorn November Tarotscopes

Whatever you are currently studying or learning more about is going to come in very handy in the future. It will help you establish yourself as a trusted expert or advisor within your niche. Along the way, you will have to make some choices about how to implement this learning. Think BIG! Take BOLD action! Now is not the time to hold back and be conservative. Investing in yourself through learning in November means investing in your wiser future self in all the best ways.

Aquarius November Tarotscope

Aquarius November Tarotscopes

It’s time to leave all the aggro behind, dear Aquas. It’s time to evaluate what all that online social justice warrior campaigning has actually achieved, other than your own, very real state of burnout. Step away from the computer or phone as soon as you finish reading this and head into your meditation space. Or why not just lie down and take a nap. Anything is better than more arguments or to prove that you are right. You may well be but what’s the point when they made their minds up sometime last year and are both deaf and blind to reason…? Don’t worry, you’ll find some other way to make the world a better place… But first you need some R&R!

Pisces November Tarotscope

Pisces November Tarotscopes

An important choice you face with regards to work this month requires a cunning strategy. Someone could be out to undermine your position or influence. This will require you to be brave but at the same time keep the cards very close to your chest. You will also need to be patient. If you just pay attention to how things develop and stand by on alert, the other person will eventually trip themself up. Play your cards right and the attempt at destabilising you will come to naught.

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