sagittarius december tarotscope

Sagittarius December Tarotscope 2021

sagittarius december tarotscope

Sagittarius December Tarotscope

This is the December Tarotscope for Aries Sun and Rising. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

sagittarius december tarotscope

Dear Sagittarius, This is the month when hope and love return for you. However, this doesn’t mean that you can sit back and just let things come to you. You will be facing some important choices. The important thing to remember is that as long as you choose with your heart, it will be okay. Think about making the kinds of choices that help you radiate love out into the world, in a way that allows you to be true to yourself.

Another big theme in December is humanitarian pursuits and perhaps working with a group of other dedicated souls to bring more love and light to Earth. Again, this demands that you get off the fence and start proactively choosing new directions and tasks for yourself. Choose to work with others who are already aligned with compassion and unconditional love. Actively seek them out. They will be seeking you as well. Spirit is bringing you together.

You have some amazing opportunities to grow spiritually in December. The more you focus on working together with others for the Highest Good, the more of these opportunities will come your way. These opportunities tie in with your life purpose and calling. The blueprint for this calling is found in your heart, not in your head. Make sure that your mind is aligned with your heart for all the choices you face this month. It will go much smoother if you stay faithful to a daily meditation practice!

Cards: The Star, 2 of Swords, Ace of Cups


Lisa Frideborg

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