Scorpio Season Tarotscopes 2022

Scorpio Season Tarotscopes 2022

Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

For each of the 12 Scorpio Season Tarotscopes, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot. Make sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs below for a more complete forecast. Because these are general forecasts, you are advised to take on board only that which resonates. The dates for Scorpio Season in 2022 are 23 October – 21 November.

Some of the general Scorpio Season themes taken into account for the individual Tarotscopes below are intensity, transformation, birth-death-rebirth, power, passion, sexuality, jealousy, control and any process of elimination.

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Aries Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Aries Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Tests of your strength of character will come through other people this Scorpio Season. Watch out for power dynamics and emotional manipulation. While you usually do not have any problems asserting personal boundaries, you may find that someone in your life is doing all they can to manipulate those boundaries. This energy needs to be transmuted without falling for the temptation to turn this into a power dynamic. Remember, it is possible to draw sound boundaries without a lot of drama even when the temptation is overwhelming. Seek to understand what is going on at a deeper level and act with compassion for both yourself and the other person.

Taurus Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Taurus Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Scorpio Season will give you a chance to slow down and focus on coming from a place of compassion. Your heart is opening wide to the plight of those who are suffering. You may have to draw a line to not become too self-sacrificial. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Gemini Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Gemini Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Mars in Gemini going retrograde during this Scorpio Season is not going to hold you back from building your empire. You are full of great ideas that will help you do just that. If anything, your ability to think outside the box is what will help you take some bold and profitable leaps of faith in the coming weeks. Stay focused and you will have a productive month!

Cancer Scorpio Season Tarotscope


The best use of Scorpio Season for you is to study the occult and esoteric sciences. Your psychic sensitivity is strengthened at this time and your mind is keen to absorb this kind of knowledge. Sign up for a class in one of the mantic arts or learn some kind of meditation technique. This is also a great month for creative writing and creating great art/music. You have the kind of beginner’s mindset that makes it possible to channel through inspired stuff from the Higher Realms.

Leo Scoprio Season Tarotscope


Scorpio energy can sometimes mean the death of a situation or relationship and it certainly looks like that’s a possibility for you in the month ahead. Any long-lasting oppressive influence, whether an untenable employment situation or someone who has betrayed your trust, can be abandoned now. However, it may be very tempting to stay on (better the devil you know) and you may need to call on a friend to extricate yourself.

Virgo Scorpio Season Tarotscope


Scorpio Season sees the culmination of a lot of work you have been doing on yourself to bring yourself into balance. What we see here is a harmonising of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within. Please accept your new title: Master Alchemist

Things will flow with much more ease from now on, especially in your relationships. You will also be able to have more of an impact on the world around you as you are able to share your vision with great clarity and in a way that inspires others.

Libra Scorpio Season Tarotscope


Recently, you have turned your back on a difficult situation out of conflict avoidance. This month, you will have to face it square on. Perhaps best proactive and take the initiative yourself. You will feel better for it and it is likely to take the edge off the inevitable confrontation.

Scorpio – Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Scorpio Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

A collaboration or investment may not turn out as well as you hoped it would this month. Preempt it and start looking for alternatives now. You may have to offload some investments at a loss but better sooner than when they have no value at all. If you are looking at a collaboration with a group of people, you are better off choosing one person to partner with–possibly not someone from the original group as there may be a culture of backstabbing there.

Sagittarius Scorpio Season Tarotscope


Overthinking is not usually your problem but you could find yourself catching a bout of analysis paralysis during Scorpio Season. The remedy? Meditate daily to align yourself with the zero-point field of limitless possibilities. Centre yourself in the hub of the Wheel so that you are ready to pounce on any opportunities that come along this month. At least one major opportunity will show up this month but if you snooze you will lose. Keep clearing any negative beliefs!

Capricorn Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Capricorn Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

Creative blocks are easing up for you in Scorpio Season. You will find yourself in a state of flow for much of it, especially if you engage more in creative pursuits for no other reason than to have fun and play. You are moving away from comparing yourself and your work to others which means you will be much happier and better positioned for receiving fresh inspiration from the universe.

Aquarius Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Aquarius Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

Single and looking to mingle? Be very careful who you mingle with during this Scorpio Season. Not everything is what it seems and not everyone is who they claim to be.

Those of you already coupled or not worried about finding romance do well to keep an eye on your circle of trust. Betrayal could be a big theme this month.

Pisces Scorpio Season Tarotscope

Pisces Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

You feel as if the world around you doesn’t reflect your potential. And perhaps it doesn’t but it does reflect your investment. How hard are you willing to work to create the necessary changes? What are you willing to sacrifice to make a go of things outside your comfort zone?

Some of you may feel stuck in a dead-end job. These cards affirm that you are capable of more in a job that brings more satisfaction. But first, you need to learn to focus on the opportunities. Being stuck on what you don’t like about your current circumstances will only keep you where you are. It’s time to go within and reconnect with your purpose so that you can set yourself on fire from the inside again.

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