virgo january tarotscope

Virgo January Tarotscope 2022

Virgo January Tarotscope

Virgo January Tarotscope 2022

This is the Virgo January Tarotscope for Virgo Sun and Rising signs. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

tarot reading for virgo january 2022

Dear Virgo, prepare for an adventure of love in January! Your restless spirit is ready to meet someone new. Does this new person have to be ‘The ONE’? Not necessarily. You could meet Mr/Ms ‘Right Now’ instead of Mr/Ms Right but would that be so terrible? You know you need to have more fun. That doesn’t mean you have to jeopardise the sanctity of your heart. The key to success is going into any new fling or romance with open eyes, giving only what you are prepared to give in such a scenario.

Another possibility is travel to meet up with friends or even soul kindred. If you don’t have plans for this already in January, now is a good time to contact some of your close friends for a get-together. You’ll have a smashing time and it will lift everyone’s spirits.

Other than that, there is an element of unpredictability to January for you. So make sure to have a plan B, C, and D, just in case, or at least be prepared to just go with the flow.


Lisa Frideborg

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