The Frideborg Tarot Deck

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The Frideborg Tarot deck is self-produced and made from images in the public domain, free for commercial use – most of which I found on I decided to create this deck because I wanted a modern-feeling deck with instantly recognisable real life symbols and archetypes that align with the Golden Dawn system of correspondences.


You are also welcome to download a FREE digital version of this deck HERE (available for instant download). It remains uncopyrighted and you are free to use it on your blogs etc. It also works well with Orphalese software. A link back to is appreciated if you do decide to use this deck on your website.

Frideborg Tarot Companion eBook Cover

The Frideborg Tarot Companion eBook is FREE to anyone who buys a hard copy of the Frideborg Tarot deck. Just email me if you bought the deck before the companion book was published and I will send you a copy! This 132-page PDF is fully illustrated and contains a poem, prayer, affirmation, keywords and correspondences for each of the 79 cards (including the Black Cat).

The cost of the deck is £19.99 – Below you will find the total cost, including P&P. Click the link to make your purchase. Leave a message on PayPal if you need me to post the deck to an address different to the one associated with your PayPal account.

UK and Ireland – £23.69 
Europe – £26.99 
Rest of the World – £28.99 

On receipt of payment, I will post the deck out as soon as I can get to the post office (usually the same day or the day after).

Below you can view all 79 card of the Frideborg Tarot deck (including everyone’s favourite XXII The Black Cat)

Blessed Be!


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The Frideborg Tarot Deck
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by Laury Walkey on The Frideborg Tarot Deck
The Frideborg Tarot

The Frideborg Tarot

This deck is a compilation of royalty-free photos hand selected by the author to create a non-traditional tarot deck. It should be considered a non-traditional deck because at 79 cards it contains an extra card beyond the traditional 78 cards. This extra card, The Black Cat, serves as a wild card in reading. It can also be considered to be a bit of a rebel deck because modern styles have gravitated towards a theme for the deck and their artwork thus reflects that theme: this deck's theme is more in line of a contemporary photography style in general rather than a specific theme such as popular commercial decks focusing on angels or animals, for example.

The cards have an unobtrusive black border and the title of each card displayed in simple text along with well processed images, all giving the deck itself an overall sleek, uncomplicated and direct look – all in all very modern-looking. The video reveal shows the cards to be a good size and the creator speaks of the cardstock quality in the video which is most helpful to someone considering purchasing this deck.

The one drawback to the deck is that one might find that the images themselves might not reflect a reader's interpretation some of the cards in their own exp with tarot. As this deck was created to reflect the creator's experience with the cards, this can lead to a disconnect with the deck unless one takes the time to study the associated companion booklet to discover the creator's viewpoint and attempt to see her experience of her deck.

The creative process in designing and producing a tarot deck is an intensely personal one and one must be willing to assess the finished product from not only an objective but a subjective view. Many hours of careful planning, refining and execution serves to imprint any deck with the beauty of the creator's own creativity, vision and philosophy. And this dedication to craft, whether done on a personal or commercial level, is to be admired and appreciated in itself. While the final product may not be to everyone's liking, it is an honorable undertaking and a legacy to be proud of for the creator.

I was unable to download the tarot images to peruse myself and so I am grateful for the video to view in lieu. If I had been fortunate enough to have a physical copy of the deck I would be very pleased to have it as a part of my collection. It would be a challenge for me to read with until I had fully studied the companion book of meanings but I would personally enjoy the challenge nonetheless.

I give it four solid stars though I'd prefer to give it 4 1/2 if I could.

by Ellie on The Frideborg Tarot Deck
The Frideborg Tarot Deck

I have a couple of traditional tarot decks, but somehow I was compelled to Lisa's Frideborg Tarot Deck. It is such a beautiful deck, full of imagery that reaches your soul the moment you lay eyes on it. Perhaps is Lisa's essence that is embedded in the cards, but when meditating with them they have the ability to provoke the most beautiful feelings. The Hanged Man especially is a card that is so precious yet sad due to the truth behind it. After the Hanged Man, my favorite card is The Empress. No other deck is capable of capture the deep meaning of the card like this one does. Simply stunning. Congrats to Lisa for "giving birth" to such a beautiful deck.

by Johanna on The Frideborg Tarot Deck

I had a reading using this deck. The accuracy of the reading just blew me away and then I seen the picture of the cards used. I was instantly drawn and searched for where I could buy the deck for myself. I actually prefer non traditional decks when doing my own readings. As I learn and come up with my own interpretations using these cards, I am adding to my tarot knowledge, expanding on what I know with these original images. It is a joy to work with this deck.

by Manda on The Frideborg Tarot Deck
Beautiful and Intuitive

This is the first set of cards I have purchased myself outside of my 'L Plate' deck and I must say I'm finding it much easier now to decipher my messages, the images on the cards speak very plainly to me. Simply put they seem to 'get me'. They resonate with my intuition and I just love them. They are bright, beautiful and thought provoking. They feel comfortable in hand and move with a lovely fluidity. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this deck as part of their collection. Like their creator they are full of knowledge and wisdom; a no nonsense attitude served with a cheeky little wink.

by Mira on The Frideborg Tarot Deck
Intuitive Frideborg Tarot cards

Hi, I love Lisa's Frideborg Tarot cards because there is deep knowledge in there and it is accessible with your intuition too. Also I like how old knowledge is encrypted by pictures from present time. When I looked at them, some of the messages jumped up and some I had to decode, it felt like solving mystery. Once you got it you could understand Lisa's perception of Today with a sense of humor too. Also the deck has one extra cards, a very particular character :), the Black Cat.