lucifer nwo counterfeit religion

Lucifer’s Counterfeit Religion and the NWO

Lucifer's Counterfeit Religion and the New World Order NWO

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

I am in the process of dropping any practices that act as a wedge between myself and the one true God. This process means moving from pride to humility, not from ‘love and light’ to judgment. When I was still deceived because of my pride, my heart was corrupt with resentment, hatred and anger. No amount of yoga, meditation or spellcasting could change that. I was by no stretch of the imagination an avatar of ‘love and light.’

My journey from my head to my heart–from pride to surrender–began when I realised what New World Order intends for our planet; I knew it had an agenda of mass murder, lies, enslavement and destruction. Their agenda is no longer hidden, even if it is masked by mass media lies. The aim is one world government and one counterfeit, man-made religion.

It became apparent to me that the religion of the Cabal is the worship of Satan, the enemy of God, even to the point of sacrificing children to him.

When I acknowledged this for the first time weeks ago (seems like a lifetime ago), I realised that alongside all their other agendas, the Cabal is pushing for universal worship of their god. They want us all to be under the dominion of the Father of Lies. The reason for this is that his is a reign of fear and confusion. Nothing makes it easier to rule with an iron fist than if the people live in a constant state of fear and confusion. Look around you now and tell me what you see…

A Religion of Fear and Confusion

In countless testimonies on YouTube, ex New Agers/occultists talk about how New Age practices–while providing temporary relief–long-term increased their levels of confusion and anxiety. This is also my lived experience and now that I have come out the other side, it is difficult to see how there could be any other outcome for a ‘religion’ that is based on subjective truth where man himself is god.

My own descent into the New Age began because of resentment against the church. I became a Christian at age 17 but had problems with the church. I felt offended by fellow believers and instead of using God’s cure for dealing with that, I decided to cut my own branch off the vine.

In my late 20s, I started looking to self-help literature for healing. I was determined to fix things myself and forgot all about the eternal truths of God’s Word or having a relationship with the Creator. God slowly morphed into ‘the Universe.’

In my younger years, before coming to Christ, I had already dabbled in various occult practices, so there was a sense of coming home. Satan was welcoming me back with open arms and made it easy for me to learn all the occult arts presented on the smorgasbord of the New Age.

All the way into the pit of hell?

Unlike many in the New Age, I cannot plead complete ignorance about the origins of some of the practices I engaged in. The further into the Craft you go, the more intense your encounters with spirits and the more Satanic the doctrine.

During my Hekatean days, I had many demonic dreams. I especially remember one about a ten-handed giant (demon) who checked out name-wise when I looked him up on Google. I had been given the Greek name in the dream and had not encountered the name in my previous studies, being a noob to Hekatean witchcraft when this happened.

In one particularly nasty dream, where a demon was throwing me about, I cried out to Jesus for help and woke up instantly. You would think I’d be on my knees repenting then… but I didn’t. I did leave Hekate but continued along the path of deception because I was still blind.

Lucifer's counterfeit religion and the NWO

Lucifer, the Liberator?

I came across materials that showed me without doubt that some of my practices were Luciferian in origin but they were dressed up so nicely that I accepted them anyway. If others saw Lucifer as a great liberator of mankind, maybe I could do the same?

Now, I didn’t go full on Luciferian but I did revere some teachers who had (Madeline Montalban springs to mind). I had no idea that some of these people (like Crowley) advocated human sacrifice:

“A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” (Magick in Theory and Practice)

This and other of Crowley’s practices probably explains why I (like so many!) felt sick to my stomach the first time I picked up a Thoth Tarot deck, though I knew nothing at the time about how truly evil this man was.

While famous in their day, none of the teachers of Luciferian doctrine ended on a ‘high.’ They were on a path of destruction and their final days on earth testified to the fact that they were empoverished (mind, body and spirit), confused and not at all ‘enlightened.’

Anton LaVey, father of the modern Satanic movement, repented on his death bed and said: “I was wrong with what I did in this life”. Aleister Crowley’s final words are reported as being, “I am perplexed.”

Satanic Origins of the New Age

Madam Blavatsky founded Theosophy, the movement that gave birth to the New Age. She heralded Satan as the “highest divine spirit.” She also did a lot of research into Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, and much of her doctrine is based on these more ancient occult origins, as well as ‘channelled’ materials.

The links between Freemasonry and the NWO are well-established. The connection between upper level Freemasonry and devil worship is equally well-documented.

Most of the top occultists since the 1400s have been Freemasons and the Freemasonic movement is the cradle of the Golden Dawn as well as Tarot. There is no need to take my word for any of this; please do your own research!

Discernment of Spirits

Ultimately, as someone who had rejected Christ’s teachings, once I prayed for the ability to discern the truth, I finally got back on my knees begging for forgiveness. I knew that my descent into the darkness was my own doing and that it came from seeking a human solution to a spiritual problem. The solution was in his Word all along.

If I had any spiritual gifts, they were of God but I had chosen to use them for my own gain, in service to forces that I had no understanding of.

Lucifer loves to pluck those branches that could yield the richest fruit from the the vine. They are his most prized possessions. Many young Christians who are spiritually gifted are not embraced by their church family and this is highly problematic.

The discipleship and growing of the gifts to use for the glory of God simply isn’t there and some denominations even consider the gifts of the Holy Spirit themselves an abomination, claiming that they ended when the Bible was completed. That is no excuse for turning away from God but it does explain why it happens. It also illustrates one of the many ways Satan has infiltrated the church.

A Return to Innocence?

It is possible that your motives are good (maybe you despise the commercialism of the ‘New Age’) and are looking to more ancient origins for your own spiritual path. Perhaps ancient shamanic practices have a pull for you? I tried going down that path myself, with regards to my own Norse and Saami ancestry. It felt, at first, like a return to innocence.

That was the final step for me before I returned to Christ. I was proud, stubborn and unwilling to surrender my life to God, so I tried very hard to reconstruct something that had already died a natural death after Jesus entered the scene… for a reason.

Those old shamanic practices were filled with both animal and human sacrifices–the latter is especially true in the Norse pagan tradition. I began to honestly question why I was so keen to reconstruct a pagan worship that had its root in a sacrificial practice that really was not much different to that of the old dispensation of the Law in the Torah.

Just like the New Age likes to dress up occult practices in ‘love and light,’ the modern Pagan movement does the the same with the old Nature-based religions. I couldn’t keep lying to myself. Somewhere deep within me, the seeds of Truth sown by the gospel all those years ago began to sprout…


Repentance… We don’t like that word much these days. The word ‘repentance’ turns most people off instantly. That is entirely understandable since the Father of Lies has manipulated many Christian churches too, making them harsh, judgmental and unforgiving.

Repentance is associated with beatings, going to bed without supper and many other horrible things for people who were raised in a legalistic Christian environment.

However, the Greek word in the New Testament that is translated into ‘repentance’ is metanoia. Metaonia simply means ‘think again.’ Have a rehtink and see if you can come up with a better solution (hint: God’s solution).

Lockdown Metanoia

A couple of weeks into the lockdown, I found myself having a BIG rethink, the kind that changes the heart. Any rethink that does not soften your heart to surrender and accept God’s solution is not true repentance. Now I have that peace that kept eluding me for the past 20 years. This is life-changing and all glory be God. His grace is truly amazing!

The world is still changing rapidly. There is no denying that we are watching the New World Order being rolled out and that they are using the current plandemic for that purpose. However, we know how the Good Book ends… and it does not end well for those who sacrifice children!

In Him