lunar worship

Lunar Worship

lunar worship

Today is a new moon and I want to talk about how my relationship to lunar phases has changed since I surrendered my life back to Christ. When I was still trapped in the pagan and occult paradigm, I used to observe the lunar phases, especially the new and full moon phases, along with their astrological correspondences. It was an odd kind of ‘Lunar wordship,’ a bowing down to something that should never have been allowed to hold such power over me.

Of course, the same could be said of all celestial bodies, and that is indeed the reason why I no longer observe astrology. My destiny belongs to the Lord and the Lord alone. Thanks to the indwelling of His Holy Spirit and the precious Word of God, I have all the life guidance I need. The Word of God declares who I am in His eyes: a treasure, child of God, beloved, temple of the Holy Spirit, chosen, free etc.

I feel much more free now that I do not label myself according to Sun, Moon and Rising sign. No longer do I feel that my life will potentially fall apart because of what Chiron, Saturn or Pluto are up to. I personally know a power much stronger than them and when He returns in glory, the spirit rulers of the planets will bend their knees.

NWO Agenda and The Moon

The Moon holds a special place in terms of occult and pagan practices; it rules magick and is the main planetary body observed for that very reason. In popular New Age terminology, people work with the lunar tides for manifesting.

Both manifesting and magick serve to lift up and deify the self, hence we can easily see that they are Luciferian in origin and the reason both are becoming so popular now is that the NWO is no longer hiding its agenda. The reason they don’t have to is that since WWII they have actively worked via governing bodies and mass media to remove any moral objections to self-glorification.

The moral glue of our society is dissolving fast. We have been NWO programmed to believe that there is no objective truth and that the only thing that matters is satisfying our own appetites. Lunar worship fits right in with this lunatic agenda!

Spiritual Hamster Wheel

I have a confession to make: even before getting red-pilled about the NWO, adhering to lunar phases and observing them in my personal life was making me feel increasingly uncomfortable and ‘trapped.’ There was something disconcerting about this habit that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Now, I don’t know if I would go as far as to echo David Icke and say the Moon is an archontic device, set in place to control us… but I can go as far as to say that living under (self-imposed) lunar control is definitely not in alignment with God’s will for my life. The awareness of the negative influence of living ‘la vida Luna’ gradually dawned on me last year and I couldn’t shake it.

As soon as I acknowledged this feeling of the Moon keeping me in a hamster wheel, spiritually speaking, I began to gradually discern other practices that were doing the same–all those occult and New Age practices that are supposed to lead us on a path of enlightenment. My life wasn’t getting any lighter, it was getting darker.

My Wisdom vs God’s

Eventually I came to question even the practice I held most holy for myself, the Tarot. I had been using the Tarot with Astrology and Lunar phases, creating many Tarot spreads to work with the Lunar tides. These are all practices that are condemned in the Word of God, by the way.

I used to rile against what was written in the Word of God because I lacked wisdom. When you decide to do things your way instead of God’s way, wisdom departs and the enemy gains foothold after foothold. With me, most of those footholds were of an occult nature.

When I started being totally honest with myself and asked myself if any of these occult practices were actually promoting godliness, wisdom, growth, compassion and discernment, I came to the conclusion that no, they did not; they all place the focus on the personality me and put forth various tools and techniques for manipulating the ‘Universe’ (creator and created rolled into one) to do my bidding.

lunar worship danger

Lunar Danger

Among the celestial bodies, the moon has a particularly nefarious influence, as far as I can tell, so I can see how David Icke reached his conclusions about the Archons being involved. People I know who work in emergency services testify to the crazy-making influence of the full moon. (I used to capitalise ‘Full Moon’ – No more!)

The term ‘lunatic’ stems etymologically from the Latin word for the moon, i.e. luna… for a reason. The spirit ruler of the moon has been worshipped under many names and that means humans have actively been feeding it power over their lives. Feeding the Moon our personal power (which comes from God), means a rapid decline of our mental faculties as well as an increase of emotional turmoil; it is neither wise, nor healthy.

A Holy Nation

In Old Testament times, the moon was simply a marker of time to the Israelites. A new moon indicated the start of a new month, as it did for most peoples around the same sort of time. However, unlike the nations around them, the Israelites had no lunar deity that they bowed down to and worshipped. Perhaps this is one of the reasons God was able to set them apart as a Holy nation unto himself….?

It’s not like I can’t look up and admire the beauty of the Moon — Well, tonight I can’t as it’s physically still a ‘dark moon’… but it’s good to know that God provided a way for me to opt out of Lunar Worship and that He was working on my heart even before I was brought to the point of surrender. Looking back, it seems totally insane that I gave the moon so much power over my life instead of trusting in God.

In Him