The Satanic and Masonic New Age

The Masonic Half Gospel

The Satanic and Masonic New Age

A bit of church history today, but would like to preface this post with a ‘more research needed’ notice. I urge you, dear reader, to continue the research I have started here. This post is essentially an offshoot that stems from the research I did for yesterday’s post of thew Satanic and Masonic influences that formed the the New Age. Toward the end of yesterday’s post, you can see how my research took me into how similar occultic influences have affected the church from within.

The Cessationist Agenda

For quite some time now, pretty much since my surrender to Christ and return to the Christian faith on 24 April this year (2020), I have struggled to come to terms with the context I was ‘saved’ in as a 17-year old. The church I was baptized into was a cessationist, fundamentalist Baptist church located in South Carolina.

The theological doctrine of cessationism was not something they particularly preached or taught in-depth, at least not during my brief sojourn in the Bible Belt. However, I often heard them reference Charismatics and Pentecostals in very negative ways. My Baptist church family even called them ‘children of the devil’ because they practiced the sign gifts: casting out of demons, speaking in tongues, hands-on healing, and prophecy.

Cognitive Dissonance

I found it very confusing that they claimed to believe the Bible to be 100% true, yet seemed to have tippexed out the parts about miracles and the power of the living God. It’s as if Jesus Christ never sent the disciples His Holy Spirit after He ascended. Their claim that the gifts ceased when the Bible was completed. This, and the even more ludicrous claim that this has been stated in the Bible, never washed with me. You can read about why their Scriptural claims make no sense in this post.

For a long time, I was really saddened by this divide among Christians where both sides seemed to believe that the other side was ‘of the devil.’ I thought that Christians are never going to be able to reconcile their differences to become one as Christ prayed for us to be at the last supper. I truly thought that this was merely down to irreconcilable theological differences among true believers

But what if the doctrine of cessationism itself wasn’t actually seeded by a believer? What if it was planted to disrupt and divide the body of Christ against itself? What if it was a satanic Masonic creation, just like Mormonism and the New Age?

Masonic Infiltration

I truly believe this line of questioning was planted in my mind by the Holy Spirit because of how vexed I have been by the lack of unity and my longing to do something about it. Writing this post, I pray with all my heart that the scales will fall from the eyes of cessationists. Perhaps it can help them see that the enemy got them through the occultist and Mason John Calvin, creator of cessationist doctrine.

As soon as I started this line of interrogation and research, I came across this interesting site where you can read in-depth about all the Masonic and occultist symbology that was used by John Calvin. This site also claims that the reformation was sponsored by the Cabal within the Catholic Church itself and that both Luther*** and Calvin were at the receiving end of this sponsorship. This actually makes a lot of sense if we understand that the Catholic Church was also infiltrated by the occultic/Masonic Cabal very early on, which is what lead to the integration of countless Pagan elements in both doctrine and symbology.

The more the Cabal divide and conquer, the more wars they can create, and the more they stand to profit. Also, the more doctrinal confusion they create, especially within the body of Christ, the easier it will be for them to push their one-world religion on people as they roll out the New World Order.


The doctrine of John Calvin is summarised under the 5-point TULIP acronym. Being a Masonic occultist, John Calving was quick to come up with a hand gesture that those in his cult could use to greet each other:

the masonic half gospel of john calvin

TULIP and cessationist doctrine are both evidence that you can use Scripture to prove anything, which is precisely why we need the gifts of the Spirit, especially the gift of discernment of spirits which falls under the prophetic gifts.

Come, Holy Spirit!

It’s important to remember that many people who are cessationists love God with all their hearts, even though they have more or less been denied access to Holy Spirit guidance and healing through the gifts of the Spirit. I know because I used to be one of these people. Secretly, I questioned, searched the Scriptures, and prayed for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to me.

Sadly, I didn’t persevere in those prayers. If I had done, I wouldn’t have become apostate… but in the end, God heard my prayers and restored me from the perils of half a gospel into the fullness of His promised Spirit-filled life in Christ. It is now my prayer that this will post will help any of you who struggle because you were saved in a cessationist context and suffer from cognitive dissonance because of it.

In Him


*** More on Luther’s occultist and alchemical connections/symbolism HERE. The alchemical wax seal sealed the matter for me (pardon the pun).