Week Ahead Angel Tarot Message 4-10 Sep

week ahead angel tarot message 4-10 sep

Happy Friday, friends! Sorry for the lateness of today’s post if you have been waiting for it. I usually publish in the morning (UK time) but have been having some tech issues that lasted most of the day. We are working with the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot and the Angel Power Wisdom Cards for today’s Week Ahead Angel Tarot message. And wow, I’m really feeling this one on a very personal level after some stuff going very wrong today.

Week Ahead Angel Tarot Message 4-10 Sep

The message from the Angels for the week ahead is basically about making lemonade from lemons we have recently been handed in one form or another. Perhaps we made a mistake or perhaps someone or something showed up on our path to stop our dreams and efforts dead in their tracks. 

The Angels remind us that there may be reasons beyond those immediately apparent and to not lose heart. Miracles are still possible. In fact, something even better than what we initially had in mind, might show up thanks to things not seemingly going according to plan or us messing up.

While outside support may be scarce right now, remember the angels are right by your side. Forget about the naysayers! You don’t have to defend or justify any changes you need to make to get back on track (or change tracks!). In fact, the changes you are about to make are what will become the foundation of your future legacy. So, it’s all for the best! 

Take a deep breath and relax into the longer-term, bigger picture. Ask Archangel Michael to cut away any worries or energy leaks around this situation. Archangel Raphael can heal and rebalance your energy field once any energy drains or toxic connections have been cut away. Just ask!

Quote of the Week

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
~ Dale Carnegie

Affirmations of the Week

I keep calm, call on the angels, and carry on.


I don’t bow to obstacles; I make obstacles bow to me.

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