Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Message 7-13 August

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From now, I will be sharing a weekly message for the Lightworker and Spirit Warrior collective every Friday on the Angelorum blog. For this week’s message, we are working with the Starseed Oracle and the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot.

Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Guidance

FOMO (fear of missing out) is the big plague of our time. We constantly compare ourselves to others because their journeys are in the public domain across multiple social media platforms. It’s easy to forget that people only tend to share what might serve them and their chosen careers and hide the rest from public scrutiny. And it then becomes easy to imagine that we somehow fall short by comparison.

There are also many trends in the spiritual community, some of which are totally overhyped compared to any actual substance. These trends tend to gather momentum and as they do, they increase our FOMO. We start wondering, ‘Maybe this is something we should be checking out too?’

Stay in Your Lane

The message from Spirit for the week ahead is ‘Stay in your lane.’ You are on the right path for you and you are not missing out. To not miss out in the future, stop worrying. Truly, it is only worrying itself that makes you miss out on what you came here to do. Trust in divine timing and know that everything is unfolding perfectly. Really feel this in your body now.

Take a deep breath and feel it.

When your thoughts start racing and you suspect you are falling short/falling behind, know that the way to free yourself from the illusion that what others are doing is somehow superior is to drop into your heart. Your heart is where you can always connect with your own truth. And that is the only truth you came into the world to share with the rest of us. You are unique and it is your uniqueness that is your greatest gift to the world around you.

If you feel that you are running behind, slow down some more. It is in absolute stillness you realise the futility of trying to force things or speed things up.

When you live from the heart, your timing will always be divine.

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