weekly angel tarot message

Weekly Angel Tarot Message 28 Aug-3 Sep

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you are well and enjoying the start of Virgo Season. For this week’s weekly angel Tarot message, we are working with the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot and the Dragon Path Oracle.

Weekly Angel Tarot Message 28 Aug – 3 Sep

The focus during Virgo Season is often on healing and achieving more balance for mind-body-spirit. This is very true in the week ahead. This time, the healing specifically concerns ancestral wounds in the maternal bloodline. You can call on the Avebury Matriarch to show you where there are still unresolved genetic issues.

You can also ask to see any wounds from your childhood. This is not about staying stuck in the past but about quickly shifting any stuck patterns. Remember, only what we acknowledge can be healed. Whatever lurks in the shadows of the subconscious mind will continue to fester.

This is a great week for visiting any sacred sites or just a spot in nature that you feel drawn to. Take some time to just immerse yourself in the energy of your chosen site. Allow that energy to help you understand what may still be in need of healing.

Better Balance

Justice is showing us how to create better mind-body-spirit balance in the week ahead. Something is out of whack. This is a week of course corrections and adjustments. Think. Are your actions aligned with your true will and your heart’s desires? Often, imbalances that create dis-ease begin in the mind. They form as resistance to being true to ourselves. Contemplate how you can bring your thoughts and actions in alignment with your true will. What programming from your motherline needs clearing to achieve this?

Moving from Strength to Strength

In light of the overall healing theme of this week’s message from the angels, we now have a chance to level up. Strength teaches us that when we align our thoughts and actions with our true will and desires, health and vitality are natural outcomes. We fall in love with our life journey all over again. Prepare to have your passion re-awakened!

Shining Your Light

Allowing old mother wounds to come up for healing will allow you to shine your light more brightly in the world. Some of you will also be teaching others that it is possible to heal similar patterns.

The Star shows us that when one person heals, the whole world heals a little and becomes a brighter place. Your healing journey will bring inspiration, hope and light to others for as long as you live. Don’t be afraid to share your story!

Quote of the Week

There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.
~ Amanda Gorman

Affirmation of the Week

I bravely face my shadow and allow for complete healing of my maternal bloodline.

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