10 Signs That You Are Called to Practise Angelic Tarot

angelic tarot

1. You are an angel lover 

You have loved angels all your life and can’t for your life understand how anyone could not believe in these benevolent divine helpers. You probably have images and angel figurines dotted around your house to remind yourself that angelic support and guidance is always available. You may collect angel-themed Tarot and oracle decks.

2. You have made contact with your Guardian Angel

This probably happened when you were very young, even though you may not have been able to put words on the experience at the time. You will probably had at least one major out-of-body experience and a few other miraculous experiences of divine intervention and protection.

How you interact and sense the presence of your Guardian Angel varies from individual to individual. It may be subtle like tingling in the crown chakra or you could receive clairaudient messages from your GA with more or less regular frequency. For some, it simply means being sensitive to the angelic sings left in the physical world, such as feathers and the occurrence of rainbows or certain types of birds at auspicious times.

3. You recognise that your life purpose involves service to mankind

From as far back as you can remember you have known that you are here on earth for a reason and that your life is not entirely your own. An angelic calling is the calling to help mankind evolve spiritually, in awareness of divine oneness, as well as to help people with their physical needs. This will have lead you down many paths of spiritual knowledge in the search for the truth and a ‘mission description.’ Eventually, you will have come to realise that the truth lies within and that you can rely on divine tools of guidance such as the Tarot to extract this truth.

4. You have a thirst for occult knowledge

With an acute awareness of the truth of the magical axiom ‘As above, so below,’ you will have a thirst for learning as much as possible about subjects covering correspondences and synchronicity. This probably means that you will have studied a few different occult or metaphysical topics already.

5. You love the Tarot

You have realised that the Tarot is the best and most complete tool for divine guidance, alignment with your life purpose, healing and spiritual pathworking. You understand that the Tarot is a condensed ‘infographic’ covering all the spiritual lessons we must learn in order to evolve. You never cease to be amazed at the insights that surface in readings for Self or Seekers and you continue to explore ways to use the Tarot in the most healing and uplifting way possible.

6. You start your readings with a prayer

It seems natural for you to invoke divine guidance and protection for yourself and your clients.

7. The main aim with your Tarot practice is healing and spiritual development

You have very little interest in ‘telling fortunes’ because you understand that the future is not set in stone and you do not wish to induce a karmic burden for yourself by ‘meddling’ in the fate of Seekers.  You understand that angelic guidance is about helping your Seeker align with the fulness of their own divine potential so that they can make the best choices for themselves.

8. You always seek to empower the Seekers in your care

You do this by showing the challenges, blessings and opportunities that lie ahead on their path but the main focus is on what is going on inside the Seeker. You help the Seeker understand that they are the co-creator of their own destiny and that what they think today, they will live/experience tomorrow. You never make your clients depend on you for guidance but always strive to show them how to rely a little more on their inner divine guidance.

9. You have a holistic approach to your readings

This means that you always strive to see the bigger picture and understand how mind-body-spirit connects both for Self and for Seekers. You have studied other healing topics so ‘fortify’ your readings for when Seekers come to you with questions about their wellbeing. You could be using crystals, flower essences, essential oils, herbal remedies and other holistic healing modalities for this.

10. You wish to learn more about how to merge your love for the angels with the wisdom of the Tarot

You have made the connection but want to learn more… Good news! I have created an eCourse (no longer available) that covers the basics of working with the Archangels connected with the Tarot through planetary correspondences.

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