Cord Cutting with the Angels and The Devil

vampire woman and her victim

Can another person steal your energy? Yes. As long as you are not aware of what is happening within your own energy field, another person can quite easily attach a psychic cord to a hook in your aura. This may or may not be something the other person is aware of doing. The most likely scenario is that they don’t know that they have latched on and are feeding on your energy. The person stealing or feeding off the energy of another is known as an energy vampire.

Most people have hooks in their energy field. The true nature of these hooks is that they are unhealed wounds that leave us vulnerable to psychic attack. The best protection is prevention through working through any old lingering issues which have resulted in unforgiveness, as well as daily chakra clearing and balancing but if you know that you have been corded by another person you need to take more drastic measures, a.k.a ‘cord cutting.’

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

The easiest way to do this is to visualise the cord between you and the other person and the watch in your mind’s eye how Archangel Michael cuts the cord between you and the other person. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal old wounds and smooth the aura out to remove any hooks that would facilitate future attacks. You can also call on Archangel Jeremiel for help with integrating the lessons that came with this relationship and to move forward with the understanding but without any of the pain.

It can take a while after cord cutting because the wounds will only heal completely if you can release the person who inflicted them through forgiveness. Daily meditation will speed the process up. It is through meditation that we learn to look at things objectively and with compassion toward all concerned.

The Devil from the Tarot de Marseilles

To strengthen the psychological effect you can do the cord cutting in a ritual using The Devil Tarot card from a deck that either already has cards missing or that you have dedicated to use for Tarot magick. It needs to be one of the traditional Devil Tarot images with the devil holding chains to a male and a female, such as the one in the Tarot de Marseilles above.

Ground, centre and protect yourself. Light a black candle for banishing unwanted influences. Cut the card in half while invoking Archangel Michael. This cuts the cord permanently between you and the other person. Then burn each half of the cards on the candle flame (make sure you have a fire-proof container to place the card in) while invoking Archangel Raphael, asking to be released and fully forgiving the person who inflicted the wound in the first place.

Saturday is the best day for banishing and the waning Moon is the best lunar phase to work with for releasing things.

Remember that forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you have to invite them back into your life. You have the right to protect your personal boundaries from anyone who is a harmful or toxic influence. Also, please remember that a corded relationship indicates co-dependency on some level. There is no need to blame the other person or yourself for that matter. Letting go is infinitely better… for you.

Once you have completed these two steps, you may want to shield yourself. Doreen Virtue recommends a tube of pink heart light as the best type of shield if you still want to be available to people in a caring capacity. I know that many people prefer the bright electric blue protective shield provided by Archangel Michael. White light also has the ability to shield you but could distance some people from you. Find a method and shield colour that works for you.

Blessed be!