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How to Do Psychic Angel Card Readings

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how to do psychic angel card readings

If you are here because you are drawn to work more closely with the angels, you have come to the right place. Welcome fellow Lightworker/Angel Healer/LightWitch/Earth Angel!

Perhaps you have already had an angelic encounter or two and perhaps you are not entirely new to doing divination with cards. Maybe a few things have happened in your life that made you suspect that you are psychic. Please don’t worry if you are completely new to it all though because in this article, we walk you through every step to being able to read for others using your psychic ability to communicate with the angels.

1. Choose a deck of cards to work with. ‘But how?,’ I hear you asking. I know, I know. There are dozens to choose from these days. If you have had a browse of the metaphysical section in any major book store, you will no doubt have come across angel cards by Doreen Virtue and possibly also by Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Stewart Pearce, Angel McGerr and Chrissie Astell.

If you are stuck between a few and can’t make your mind up, simply take a few deep relaxing breaths and ask your angels to guide you. If you are more receptive to clairaudient communication, you may hear the deck’s name. If you are more clairsentient, you will just have gut feeling about which deck to use. Clairvoyant people may perceive the chosen deck as brighter and those who are claircognizant tend to just know once they are calm and in a receptive frame of mind.

2. Clear, bless and consecrate your deck. After you unwrap your deck, you will need to clear it of any unwanted energy that has attached itself to the deck in the manufacturing process. There are a few different methods for this.* On a warm and sunny day, you can place the fanned deck in direct sun light for a few minutes.

* If it is raining and you prefer to work with incense or smudging, you can pass the deck through incense to cleanse it.
* Crystal lovers may wish to clear the deck’s energy with an amethyst pendulum or by placing the deck overnight on an amethyst cluster.
* Clearing the deck in the light of the Full Moon also works really well
* The most simple way of clearing the deck is by setting the intent and just knocking on the back of the deck three times. This is my favourite way of doing it.

Choose the method that you feel most drawn to.

Now that you have cleared the deck, you need to bless and consecrate your deck. I like to bless the deck by the power of the Holy Spirit by gently blowing on them. You can also bless the cards by touching the cards one by one. Finally, you consecrate the cards do by saying a simple prayer to set the intent to use them for the Highest Good of All. I like to fan the cards and hold them over my heart when I do this (a method I learned by Doreen Virtue).You can use the following prayer (or feel free to make up your own):

Holy Mother-Father God, please bless and consecrate these cards for divine service and help me be a clear channel for angelic guidance. May it be so for the Highest Good of All. And so it is. Amen

You may wish to find a special pouch or box to store your cards in but that is entirely up to you. As long as you handle the tool with respect in the reading space, giving them a fancy place to ‘rest’ won’t make much difference… with the exception of keeping them near amethyst, citrine or kyanite (all self-cleansing crystals) which will continuously transmute any negative energy that may have attached itself to the cards. Personally, I keep all the cards in the sturdy cardboard box they come in, for two reasons: ease of identification and ease of storage without damaging the cards.

I recommend blessing and consecrating an Angel Journal at the same time because you need to start writing it all down. Subtle messages and mysterious signs don’t always make sense straight away so it’s important to keep a record!

3. Get to know your own guardian angel. You can skip this step if you have already made contact. Meeting your Guardian Angel is as easy as daydreaming. You just need to be relaxed and in a receptive frame of mind. Luckily, these days, we can rely on any of the dozens of free guided visualisations out there on Spotify and YouTube. The beauty of these (besides being free) is that you can repeat them as many times as necessary until you make contact. Don’t forget to make notes of what you experience in your meditations!

For some of us, that first contact with our Guardian Angel happens spontaneously. Let me tell you my story:

I started learning about the angelic realm, angel healing and angel communication back in 2003, so I guess you could say angels were on my mind a lot back in those days. As I was dozing off for my afternoon nap which coincided with that of my youngest who was a toddler at the time, I felt a presence hovering above me. I didn’t see as much as I felt a change in pressure and then a mix of joy and warmth that spread through my being. I was only half awake but I got really excited because I just knew this was my Guardian Angel, so I asked his name and heard the name ‘Jeremiel.’ Not having heard this angel’s name before, I decided to Google it and was amazed to find out that he was a purple ray angel – Purple has been my favourite colour all my life!

4. Get to know your cards and the angels associated with them. Before you start doing readings with your cards, it is good to familiarise yourself with the deck. This also doubles up as a psychic development exercise. Because a standard deck has 40+ cards, you may wish to break this exercise up in about 4-5 chunks, working with the cards about 60 minutes each time.

Start by relaxing with a few deep breaths to put yourself in a receptive state of mind. (Make sure that you will not be disturbed for the duration of this exercise) You may also wish to light a candle and say a prayer before you begin. I find that angel readings work best when we take the time to create sacred space. So don’t hesitate to pull out all stops and get your crystals out as well as put on some beautiful, uplifting music. Whatever serves to raise your vibration will help.

Now get the first card out and simply look at it… What colours and shapes do you notice? What detail in the card are your eyes drawn to? How does the card make you feel? What do you intuit the message to be? Which angel is featured? Do you sense a connection? Is there a message for you? Spend some time in silence and listen. Make some notes and only look in the companion booklet after you have made your own observations as well as written them down.

5. Begin a daily draw practice. Make this part of your daily spiritual practice and be mindful of the fact that these are divine messages. The messages you will get later on in readings will reflect how respectful you are of the divine communication that takes place through the cards. If you want truly powerful messages for yourself and your clients, you will need to do everything mindfully and – most importantly – act on any guidance you are given without delay.

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6. Start reading for yourself with smaller spreads. Now you are ready to begin doing readings with more than one card. I recommend simple 2-3 card spreads such as

  • situation-action advice
  • situation-action advice-outcome
  • situation-challenge-action advice
  • mind-body-spirit
  • past-present-future

Start by creating sacred space and saying a prayer.

Again, your first port of call is your own intuitive/psychic guidance. It’s OK to refer to the book as you practice doing readings but try tuning into the angelic realm in the first instance. Try recording yourself as you read and speak as if you are reading for another person. This is a little trick that can help with objectivity when you do readings for yourself.

Alternatively, you can keep a digital written account of all your readings, together with a picture of the cards you have drawn.

7. Start doing practice readings for others. Starting to do readings for others can feel like a really big step for many of us. However, as long as you choose to work with people who are open to hearing angelic guidance, you have nothing to fear. You also need to make sure that the person you read for is willing to offer feedback in return. Before you start reading for others, you may wish to check out these tips on psychic protection.

Before you start the reading, you want to make sure that both you and your Seeker is in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind so you may wish to guide them to take a few deep breaths with you, to release any tension. It is up to you if you wish to say your prayer out loud or in your mind before you begin the reading.

Everything around you becomes part of the reading too when you do psychic angel readings, so pay attention to any sounds or things that stand out in the environment. Simply speak everything you get/pick up on, without censoring yourself. Remember that the messages you get for others don’t have to make sense to you. In fact, as many psychics will attest, the more ‘far out’ the information you receive seems to you, the more likely it is to be a psychic hit, so just spit it out. If it doesn’t make sense to the Seeker straight away, there is no need to worry – the penny will drop eventually.

Be mindful of the fact that angelic guidance is always loving, gentle and for the Highest Good of All. There is nothing to fear. If you feel that your energy is still connected to that of the Seeker after the reading, simply ask Archangel Michael to help cut any cords between you. You can also use your own hand to sweep away any cords and asking the Seeker’s energy to return to them.

Doing angel readings is very much about getting out of your own way and simply trusting the divinely inspired messages that flow through you. It is a wonderful way of being a blessing in someone else’s life as well as gaining guidance for oneself.

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  1. What a wonderful and complete post for those starting out down such a fulfilling path Lisa! 😀 I might mention that some people don’t even need the cards after the connections are nourished over time. I also have a dear friend, a tarot reader and amazing healer who was raised Catholic and in the 1990s would use the Catholic cards with archangels, saints and even Jesus (I still remember her also burning a red candle to release and dissolve some negative energy, asking to cover it with the “blood of Christ” so clearly in my mind). She used them for readings and then layer to call in energies. She’s an aromatherapist, reflexologist, and nutritionist so she even associates smells with certain energies being present. I was so impressed as this was all well before there were such amazing, wonderful choices to work with today! I myself am newer to the angel cards, having read astrology charts and tarot for 2 decades, and really enjoying the Angel Answers deck! 😀 <3

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      Thanks, Lisa! Yes, you are right – cards aren’t necessary at all but they make it easy for us to ease into ‘seership’ and accept our psychic gifts. Do you use the Angel Answers deck on its own or with the Tarot? x

      1. So far, on their own as I am trying to get a feel for them on their own first. However I can see pulling one card for your “answer” from that deck, then pulling a couple tarot cards for energies surrounding the answer. I will be making wonderful uses of the correspondences here! 😀 I managed to get the Angel Astrology book to read too (again, Doreen Virtue). Thanks so much again! 😀 <3

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