New Moon Super Power Spread

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Did you know that you have a super power? There is something about you that is completely unique and that the world needs. It could be more than one thing and it could be something new, something that you have only just begun to discover about yourself.

The New Moon is a good time to shift the focus to anything you want to bring in or create more of in your life. It’s a great time to develop a new gift or talent, so let’s find out how the Tarot can help with this!

I have designed a three card spread which allows you to focus on the super power you would like to develop in the month ahead:

1. Your Super Power
2. Which Area of Your Life It Will Affect
3. How to Nourish It On A Daily Basis

It’s time to Shine!

SAMPLE READING (for myself)

1. The High Priestess – This made me smile. When talking about super powers with my kids yesterday, I told them that my super power was Tarot Reading. I wasn’t kidding either! Of course, the High Priestess showed up to confirm this and she is urging me to become even more confident in my intuitive interpretation of the cards.

2. The 2 of Pentacles here shows me that the High Priestess can help me address the situation with time management. The summer months are very busy for me on both the work front and the family front, so I have sacrificed sleep to be able to get everything done. Not ideal!

I can allow my intuition to guide me about how to use my time more wisely so that I can reduce my stress levels.

3. The Knight of Wands is a sign that taking time out to play every day will be helpful in getting the balance right and boosting my intuition and creativity.

I used the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue for this reading.

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