22 Keys to Healthy and Happy Relationships

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Everything has been figured out, except how to live.
~ Jean-Paul Sartre

The Tarot is known as the Book of Life and consists of two parts: The Major and Minor Arcana (Arcanum means deep secret wisdom). As you begin to unravel the mystery of the Tarot, you find that each Arcanum is a key that can help you unlock the secret to success in any area of your life.

Mostly when people come for a love and relationship Tarot reading, they want to know if the one they love loves them back, if he or she will come back, if they will get married, when they will meet ‘The One’ etc… Very few people have realised the value of using the Tarot proactively, for manifesting the kind of relationship they dream of. Instead they move from one relationship to the next without transforming the underlying beliefs that re-create the same dynamic and scenarios over and over again.

As always, it comes down to the question you choose to ask.

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. ~ Chinese Proverb

The sort of questions you would ask of the Tarot to unlock the potential to transform old outdated beliefs would for example be ‘What am I doing that is not working?’, ‘What qualities am I projecting onto my partner?’, ‘How can I make this relationship work?’, ‘How can I heal and prepare myself for a soul mate relationship?’, ‘What do I need to know about the dynamic we have created in this relationship?’ or ‘How am I responsible for creating this dynamic and what can I do to change it?’

Perhaps you already know how to use the Major Arcana keys for manifesting relationship happiness… Either way, I hope you will enjoy these brief key phrases to help you remember how to use the Majors for manifesting truly blissful relationships.

THE FOOL can show you how you and your partner both thrive best when you give each other freedom to be, grow and explore.

THE MAGICIAN reminds you the power of your words and how they can be used to harm or heal.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS reminds you that there are always unknown depths in your lover, just as there are in you. Don’t assume anything about the one you love!

THE EMPRESS will guide you to the delights of love-making and all other sensual pleasures. She can also be your ally if you wish to conceive. She can indicate that you or partner need to work through mother issues.

THE EMPEROR can show you how to hold yourself accountable for all your actions. He can indicate that one of you cannot afford to neglect father issues.

THE HIEROPHANT will help you persevere in committed relationships. He knows that there is always a way to make things work once you have committed.

THE LOVERS is sometimes a card of soul mate love and always a card of choices. Never are the choices you make more important than when you meet a soul mate lover. Will you be able to forgive, release old karma and create the kind of love we all dream of? Choose your thoughts and words wisely.

THE CHARIOT knows that you cannot change or be in control of anyone but yourself.

STRENGTH is the power of feminine sexuality, the female orgasm and sex magick.

THE HERMIT reminds you of the value of spending time in solitude in order to realign with your Higher Self.

THE WHEEL shows you that it is OK to take a risk on someone now. Trust your intuition. If you feel your energy wanting to expand in the direction of a certain person, go for it!

JUSTICE is the relationship harmony card, showing you the importance of tact and diplomacy.

THE HANGED MAN asks you if you are able to see things from your partner’s perspective or are you too set on having and seeing things your way?

DEATH is an indication that a major aspect of the relationship needs to be transformed. It is time to embrace change… and perhaps it is time to move on all together. Learn to let go and remember that all change is good.

TEMPERANCE can help you create a shared vision with your beloved. This is the arrow of the Visionary being pulled back by two arms united in one breath. It is also a sign of an ongoing healing process – the outcome of which depends on your willingness to avoid excess.

THE DEVIL wants you to not be afraid to look into the shadows of your relationship. Who is bound and who is the one holding the chains. Remember that it is all an illusion. No one can bind you unless you hand them the chains and put on your own slave collar.

THE TOWER indicates the need for anger management. One of you is feeling powerless and is overcompensating by yelling, hitting or throwing things. Create an environment that is safe for everyone to express the full range of emotions so you don’t risk ‘volcanic eruptions.’ The Tower is also the main male sexuality and fertility card.

THE STAR wants you to focus on the importance of friendship, both in terms of making sure your lover is also your best friend and in keeping all your friendships alive so that you don’t starve the relationship due to lack of outside stimulus.

THE MOON is fear medicine. You may encounter deep-rooted fear and anxiety because of old wounds being triggered in intimate relationships. The Moon reminds you of the value of allowing your intuition to guide you through these murky waters until you get to the other side of fear.

THE SUN can show you how to celebrate love every day. Being the love you seek attracts more and more love into your life. Play more! Shine!

JUDGEMENT reminds you to keep the past firmly in the past. If you are a couple with a common calling, this will be one of the main cards for your relationship. Archangel Gabriel is your guide as Lightworkers.

THE WORLD is the ultimate tantric bliss card. You transcend – on your own or together as a couple… it doesn’t matter. Once you transcend your desires you will never feel alone again.

These card meanings are by no means comprehensive but are examples of what the cards have to say about growing your soul and your relationships (the two are inseparable).

Blessed Be!


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I just tried this with using one of your question suggestions for my relationship with an estranged other. “What am I doing that is not working” and I got the World card.

    Hmmm, I’m stumped with the interpretation that you provided. What other interpretations do you suggest?

    1. You could be limiting your possibilities and think you’ve already tried it all so what’s the point. Time to open up to something totally new. The old paradigm must die. Or it could indicate that you have indeed tried it all and it’s time to move on (depending on the other cards, of course).

      1. Yes, the trying something new is it. In previous relationships, I rescued & tried to fix everything. Now with this one, I outlined what I wanted and have left it at that, no fixing & no rescuing. It is scary but very liberating because it’s a new way of doing things for me. The other cards were correct in their interpretations, a couple of them showing that I needed to let go of controlling things.

        Many thanks for your time and assistance.

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