5 Simple Strategies to Let Go of Judgement

woman judging thumbs down

Have you ever noticed what a drain on your energy judging others and yourself creates? Are you ready to start using all your energy for creative pursuits and to manifest the life of your dreams instead…? Thought so. Me too!

I’ve been pondering this for quite some time now until the penny dropped on the way back from this morning’s school run.

The reason my ‘Eureka! moment’ arrived during the school run is that this is the time of day when I find myself most judgement-prone. Some examples:

  • There’s that pregnant woman with a fag in her hand. Ugh.
  • Look at those inconsiderate people blocking the path for everyone when we’re all in a hurry. Ugh.
  • And there’s so-and-so… late as usual! Poor kids. Double ugh.

And then I catch myself… Guess what happens next. That’s right, I judge myself for being judgemental! I’m ever so good at beating myself up. Egos and their sadomasochistic tendencies, eh? I vowed to put an end to this insanity today and asked for divine guidance.

This is what I what Spirit told me:

1. Understand the root cause of your need to judge others. Judgement is never from the Higher Self but always from the ego and it precludes unconditional love for the people I judge. Our egos want us to judge others to boost itself. This is a poor replacement for real self-love and self-esteem.

Would I rather not just love everyone unconditionally (including myself)? Yes, actually I would!

2. Understand the underlying core belief that triggers judgement. It’s different things for different people, so this is definitely something you can pull a card on. I pulled The Emperor, so it’s clear that my need to judge others stem from father issues and the writing on the wall that was put in place during my formative years. Much of it has to do with feeling powerless. Judgement puffs up the solar plexus chakra temporarily but creates long-term drain and damage. It also creates unhealthy separation at the Root and Sacral chakra levels.

3. Find a replacement thought to use every time you wish to judge someone. This is also something you can pull a card on. I got the 6 of Pentacles. The thought I formulated upon contemplating the energy of this card is: It’s an abundant Universe and everyone is doing their best with what they know. Thank you for being you and for being my teacher.

4. Smile. That’s right, smile at everyone! Learn to greet yourself with a smile every time you look yourself in the mirror instead of honing in on spots, chin hair, fine lines, dry skin, grey hair or whatever your bugbear is. See all of you and smile at your soul looking back at you through the glass in the mirror. Equally, strive to see all of the person your ego wishes to judge. Look at them with ‘spirit eyes’ and smile to greet the splendour of their soul. That way you will encourage them to raise their vibration.

5. Stop judging yourself for judging. If you slip up and judge someone even after vowing to ‘break the habit,’ simply smile at your ego and say, I forgive myself.
Blessed Be!