Decameron Erotic Tarot

A Bedroom Reading with the Decameron Tarot

Decameron Erotic Tarot

Decameron Tarot© Lo Scarabeo. All rights reserved

The Decameron Tarot is an erotic deck that is ideal to use for exploring sexual preferences with your partner as well as to use as a mirror for one’s own sexual expression and shadows. In the rather poorly translated Little White Book that comes with the deck, only one spread has been included – a relationship spread which looks at each person’s sexual desires as well as the general state of affairs.

I decided to attempt a reading by following the instructions and this is the layout I came up with (no diagram was included in the LWB):

bedroom tarot spread decameron tarot

1. The Man’s card goes on the left – apparently because if you imagine the couple in bed, he’ll have his right hand free to then please the woman when he turns around to face her, resting on his left elbow. (This creator of this spread assumes that you are both right-handed and straight!)

2. The Woman’s card goes on the right for the reason stated above. Some other little anecdotes about Medieval superstitions are also included in the LWB. Cute. But, Lo Scarabeo, please pay a translator next time instead of running the text through Google translate!

The first two cards can be chosen randomly or each person can choose their own card from the Minor Arcana. (The LWB gives no reason for excluding the Majors from this selection.)

Cards 3, 4 and 5 are placed below ‘the bed’ and represent the current state of the relationship as well as how it appears to the rest of the world (minus the nudity, hopefully!).

Cards 6, 7 and 8 represents the Man’s sexual desires and cards 9, 10 and 11 the Woman’s wants and wishes. By the way, I did this as a hypothetical reading while single but I can definitely see how using the cards could spice things up if you are stuck for ideas!

The final three cards, 12, 13 and 14, show the future of the relationship – card 14 representing the ultimate fate of the relationship.

Have fun trying this! No need to report back! 😉

Blessed be!