17 feb tarot love haiku

Twin Flame – A Tarot Love Haiku

Beloved twin of mine
Patiently I wait for you
To open to grace

All around me, I see women who are completely surrendered, fully embodying the Goddess… but where are the men? It is their refusal to open up to receive the grace of the divine masculine and to embody the God that has created the mess we are in.

A couple who fully embody male and female divine energy… that is what makes for ‘Twin Flames’… That is a couple made of two people who have surrendered their lives in divine service. It’s not about great sex or fabulous romance… It’s about service and becoming a beacon for grace in society.

But women are not blameless in this. Too many of us choose to settle for physical and temporal pleasure over service and surrender. What we fail to see is that you can be surrendered and enjoy all the pleasures that true romance brings with a Twin Flame… if you are patient and wait for someone who has opened up to grace.

So how come men are so slow to open up to grace. Two little words: male pride

And it is harder than ever in a society where men of faith are ridiculed. The ideal media projection of what a man should be in this day and age is someone utterly vain and selfish. The same goes for women, of course, but your connection with the Other is more hardwired to our being, so we are quicker to see the truth behind the lies.

‘Open Up’ from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle corresponds with the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) from a traditional Tarot deck. There can be too much self-sufficiency with this energy. The temptation is to shut down emotionally because keeping the heart open to divine love and grace would make one appear weak and vulnerable.

The 7 of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus) from the Frideborg Tarot warns us that this is not something we can force. Our men have to find their way themselves and when the time is right for them. Patience is required. Spiritual maturity always happens in the right season. In the meantime, we can only resolve to stay surrendered ourselves.

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Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

PS. This is not about actual physical gender. Everyone has to fully integrate both the God and the Goddess in order to be whole.

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