An Imbolc Message from Spirit

2 Feb Spiritual Guidance

Tuesday (Archangel Camael)

Numerology of the date 2/2/2016 = 4

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio

Today I’m working with the The Wildwood Tarot and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

Blessed Imbolc, lovelies! (and Lammas Blessings to our friends down under)

Today’s cards were drawn while invoking the guidance of the Goddess Brigid, whom some of us celebrate this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. She is the Triple Goddess of Lyrical Inspiration, the Forge and the Hearth.

Her message from the Earth Magic Oracle is one of nurturing. This is a good time to learn to receive nurturing from Gaia herself. Mother Earth is forever giving of herself but in our ‘refined and civilized’ era, we have forgotten how to receive.

This is why we have The Sun in the ‘don’t do this’ position. Here the Sun represents the ego/persona, our rational mind and what we usually pride ourselves on in society.

In the ‘do this instead’ position we find The World Tree. This is about seeing the bigger picture and accepting the cycles of life, death and rebirth. It’s about embracing our mortality and the sustaining grace of Earth for the lessons we are here to learn.

This is Mother calling in a big way so let’s break this down in to practical, actionable advice:

Imbolc is said to be a time for initiation and self-initiation on one’s Spiritual Path. Allow yourself to be both nurtured and initiated into the Mysteries of Nature by the Great Mother herself.

Just for today, forget your book learning.

Forget all about rituals and ceremonies. Go outside and hug a tree instead… or lie on the ground if it is warm enough. Listen to the slow hum of Gaia. Cloud watch. Talk to your body; it won’t lie to you like your mind will. Learn how to absorb healing energy directly from Nature. Simply ask and it will be so. Observe quietly and give thanks.

Ask for a sign and go outside to find it. You are apart of this wonderful existence that Existence itself wants to nurture… Will you let Her today?

Go forth and shine!