Angel Magick and a Tarot Spread for the Virgo Full Moon

A while back, I put together a list of how to make the most of the energy of the Virgo Full Moon… but I realised I hadn’t created a Virgo Full Moon Tarot Spread yet – how remiss of me! So today I make amends and include some info on how to cast your very own Virgo Angel Magick Tarot Spell.

Virgo is all about self-reliance, healing, service to others and purity. Consider, for instance, the 9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo) and the beautiful, abundant and independent female icon of this image in Pixie Smith’s version of the card. Virgo energy pays attention to detail (8 of Pentacles) and cares about whether or not what it creates is actually useful. Other Zodiac signs with a strong intellect don’t mind spending energy on theory alone – Virgo, not so much. To Virgo, whatever they create or invent has to be practical and useful. This is how we get to the legacy part of Virgo energy depicted in the 10 of Pentacles.

In the Major Arcana, we have The Hermit as the correspondence for Virgo. Here we see all the traits and characteristics expressed above, combined into one rather magnificent wisdom teacher archetype. Hermit spirituality is never woo. It cuts through the fluff to the useful core… and if the core is rotten, it does not hesitate to throw out the whole thing. Virgo energy keeps sloughing off anything toxic for as long as necessary because it cannot function when encumbered with filth or drama.

Angelic Correspondences

The Angelic correspondence for Virgo is Raphael (ruler of Mercury) and the colour of the spell candle is light green or yellow. You would use the light green for healing (gut) or work, and the yellow for intellectual pursuits, studies, writing, getting published, research etc, as well as for healing of the nervous system.

Virgo is an Earth sign so you would place the spell candle in the North and mark it with the symbol of Archangel Raphael and or the symbol of Mercury / Virgo. You can anoint the candle with some patchouli, sandalwood, or frankincense if you wish to strengthen the intent further. Then simply choose the Tarot card from among the ones mentioned above that most closely resembles what you wish to manifest.

Casting the Circle and the Spell

Cast your circle as usual. You can use the four aces from the deck to mark the four cardinal quarters. Then light the candle while invoking the assistance of Archangel Raphael. If you would like to perform a more formal invocation, you can invite the four Archangelic Guardians of the quarters/elements. This would then place Raphael in the East.

Focus on your card and visualise the outcome you wish for your own life. Allow a spell to rise up and chant it three times (write it down first if that is helpful).  After the third chant, place the palm of your dominant hand over the card and lift your left hand up to Heaven. Visualise the desired outcome one final time and say out loud ‘An it harm none; Amen, so it is!’ Take a picture of the card and keep it as your smart phone screen saver over the next two weeks, until the next New Moon.

Give thanks and close the circle.

And, finally, here is the Virgo Full Moon Tarot spread:

1. What is cluttering your slate
2. Relevant shadow issue
3. How to clean your slate
4. What you are making room for
5. How this will make you more independent
6. What legacy you will leave behind

Full Moon Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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