best questions to ask of the Tarot

Appropriate Questions for the Tarot Revised

best questions to ask of the Tarot

This Eclipse Season-Mercury rx double whammy sees me re-examining many of my beliefs and Tarot practices, clearing as much old programming as possible. There is a deep yearning to start the month of September with a clean slate. Some of the stuff I have cleared out already are the Hay House certificates and most of the related decks in my collection. I’ve created space through the process of letting go and I’m opening up to embody more of the Divine Feminine with regards to how I relate to the process of answering questions with the help of the Tarot.

I have also let go of the last remnants of patriarchal religious programming, though I remain vigilant on this front as there may be some deeper fears still buried deep within.  Just how strong the pull is from the religious group spirit has become very evident in the light of recent events. One thing is for damn sure, I own my judginess after looking myself in the mirror of those who have been going around telling people to not judge because it’s not the spiritually correct thing to do, in other words judging people who are hurting for judging instead of showing those in pain compassion.

There is still a lot off pain (classic emotional lag scenario) for many who looked up to the spiritual teacher who instigated this controversy as a role model, now that she has turned on them, implicitly condemning them for the practices she taught them or that they allowed themselves to be inspired by. She herself is, of course, claiming to be completely non-judgemental, even though she believes that everyone who isn’t a saved and baptised Bible-believing Christian is going to hell.

Working my way through all my programming, I realise that I tended to lean toward a Patriarchal, linear model of problem-solving, even with regards to something as intuitive as the Tarot. This became blatantly apparent when I examined my beliefs around the correct way of asking a question of the Tarot. It was quite controlling and I now realise the real reason for the limitations I imposed on the types of questions to ask of the Tarot: lack of trust.

It really is that simple. My lack of trust in myself made me not trust others or the Tarot, even though I knew the Tarot will answer any question from a place of deep wisdom if we are open to perceive it… so knowing this and knowing that I am indeed willing to perceive, how come I still struggled with the trust aspect? Lack of trust makes us lean on the understanding of other (fallible) human beings instead of Source. By the way, I’m doing in this post, exactly what I did in the post about my belief in Angels, examining what truly belongs to me in the form of experience…  Through this process, I am finding my zero point which is a place of complete trust and deep inner knowing.

If I go all the way back to my very first reading, I see clearly that I don’t need to impose limitations on questions or even have the client ask a question.

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In my first ever reading, my 14-year old friend (I was 15) needed to know that the Universe witnessed the sexual abuse by her mother’s boyfriend and it was NOT OK.

She had asked no question. I knew nothing before I turned the cards over. What needed to be revealed was revealed anyway.

Much later, studying with a Tarot organisation, I was told that I had to impose ethical restrictions on the type of questions I read on if I wanted to go professional. I am grateful for those teachings. The teachings that are common sense I will keep, for instance never diagnose illness or give out medical advice. Not only would it be unprofessional to cross those boundaries, it could harm my client and lead to litigation since I’m not a medical professional… So yeah… Common sense.

What questions can the Tarot answer?


What questions will I as a Tarot reader read on?


Wait, what?!

What if someone comes to you with a medical question? If I trust, the right information will come through. I can still read on health, provided I first let the client know the limitations to my ability to diagnose, give out medical advice or contradict advice given by a medical professional. I can read on what the client needs to know from an emotional, holistic point of view.

What if someone asks about doing something ‘unethical,’ such as getting involved romantically with someone outside marriage? If I trust, the right information will still come through. I don’t need to judge. I’m not God, thank Goddess!

What about death and birth, i.e. fixed/fated points on the journey? If I trust, the right information will still come through.

All I can go by is experience and judging is far better than not judging for allowing divine guidance to come through. I think judging and trying to control the questions blocks our psychic/intuitive ability. However, please make no mistake – I still have boundaries. If the question feels off, I will not read on it, not because of what others have told me about what I can’t or shouldn’t read on but based on Holy Spirit guidance.


Lisa Frideborg

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