Beltane Full Moon

beltane full moon

The Beltane Full Moon 2018

The Pink Moon on 29-30 April is close enough to Beltane (30 April) for the two to be celebrated together… and why wouldn’t you take advantage of this double whammy of witchy Goddess goodness? There is tremendous power for creating transformation (or even rebirth) during the Scorpio Full Moon. Beltane/Samhain is the time when the veil between world is said to be very thin indeed – positively flimsy. 

During Beltane, it is the Faery realm that is more easily available than usual and during Samhain, we have a chance to connect with departed loved ones.

In 2018, the Sun in Taurus is trine Saturn when the Moon is Full in Scorpio. The Moon forms a stabilising sextile with Saturn. This makes it possible to create the right conditions for stability and long-term change. This is a good time to dig even deeper for the changes we started manifesting with the Aries New Moon a couple of weeks ago. We should have more clarity about any remaining influences that stand between us and the life we are called to lead.

The Scorpio Full Moon is one of the best time of the year for deep transformation and releasing anything that is blocking us. In order to do so, we need to first understand what those blocks are… so, I created a Magical Beltane Full Moon Tarot spread for that very purpose. This Tarot spread also helps us see where to best focus our energy for long-term change and what first steps to take on this new journey.

The exact time for the Scorpio Full Moon is 30 April 01:58 BST. The influence of the Full Moon can be used for spell-casting in the three days leading up to the Full Moon and the three days after it.

Beltane Full Moon Tarot Spread

beltane full moon tarot spread

  1. Your readiness to let go and embrace the unknown
  2. What must now be permanently released in order to create stability
  3. Where to focus your energy for long-term change and stability
  4. A helpful influence in this process of change
  5. What you should do next
  6. How the block you need to release has destabilised you
  7. Another helpful influence in the process of change
  8. What you should be doing less of
  9. The first short-term goal to set for yourself once you have aligned your vision for where to focus your energy (card 3)

Beltane Full Moon Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Wildwood Tarot

Beltane Full Moon Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Wildwood Tarot

  1. ReadinessKing of Bows/Wands. Adder is a sure sign that I am ready to level up and create a solid vision for where I need to be in the future.
  2. What to releaseThe Lovers. A state of permanent indecision for fear of shutting any doors prematurely.
  3. Where to focus my energyThe Shaman/Magician. Oh wow, this is quite literal since I quite recently embarked on shamanic studies and am loving it. It truly feels like a kind of homecoming to me. Shamanism helps me transcend duality thanks to the organic connection it creates with both Nature and the spirit world. It is a path that completely honours personal gnosis, so very healing from me. No more shoe-horning myself into a belief system that is a so-so fit. Shamanism gives me a structure for exploring my own psyche as well as the spirit world. I’m super psyched to see The Shaman show up here as validation that this is the path for me!
  4. Helpful influenceFour of Arrows/Swords. Meditation. No shit, Sherlock!
  5. What to do nextFive of Arrows/Swords. Use that time in meditation to free yourself from any and all frustration… All forms of ‘musturbation’ – the musts that have blocked you. Identify them. Write them down. Burn them and be done with them!
  6. How you were destabilisedThe Wanderer/Fool. This card is stating the obvious, which is the fact that I have always struggled with putting down roots and feeling like I belong somewhere.
  7. Another helpful influenceSeven of Stones/Pentacles. Be patient with yourself. Focus on strengthening your physical body to make it an adequate vessel for healing.
  8. Do less of thisThe Mirror/Moon. Do not get seduced by images you conjure in your mind, whether good or coming from a place of fear. Stay focused. Detach whenever you realise that you are identifying with your emotions – especially when those emotions are getting you down or filling you with doubt.
  9. Short-term goal to setFour of Stones/Pentacles. Do not let others steal your energy. Set boundaries, especially relating to your work. I’m inundated with requests for help with interpreting readings based on spreads I have created – In spite of it stating very clearly on my Contact page that this is NOT something I do. In the past, I have felt obligated to respond to people who do this. That ends now. There are similar scenarios where this principle will also be implemented. Nobody will respect my boundaries unless I respect them myself.

Blessed be!