The Pythia at Delphi by John Collier

Calling All Seers, Oracles and Prophets!

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The Pythia at Delphi by John Collier

Seer, I see you! Claiming your path and your power is not arrogance – it is a necessity.

I believe that we, as tarot readers, need to stop belittling ourselves and our skills. We are seers and have skills and talents that people need. We are psychically and metaphysically in the know. And if we have honed those skills, we are able to help people tremendously in their day-to-day lives as well as when they are undergoing traumatic events.

If you are a tarot reader and not willing to step up to the position of spiritual guide, then please put your cards away.

We may not have mighty patrons erecting Delphian temples any more but our gifts are needed more than ever in our day and age… and we do have each other!


You were drawn to use the Tarot (or the Runes, Playing Cards, Dice, Pendulum, Tea Leaves etc) as part of your calling.

Said calling is divine and ordained by the everlasting powers that be.

You have a gift. It is unique. It helps you connect the dots between seen and unseen worlds. Not everyone can do this. Not everyone wants this gift. But every single soul on this planet will need this gift at one point or another in their lives. This is where you come in.

This gift does not make you perfect, nor does it protect you from personal disaster. However, this does not diminish the light of your gift. There will be people who judge you. There will be people who judge you more harshly than they would another out of fear and jealousy. Remember the burning times.

Believe in your light. Hold your Hermit’s lantern high!

THE FOOL reminds you that each new breath brings you the grace to start over, free of limiting beliefs imposed by others or yourself.

THE MAGICIAN reminds you that your words can build bridges across the void.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS reminds you that you are a seer, and therefore a priestess (or priest) of the Divine.

THE EMPRESS reminds you to enjoy the journey.

THE EMPEROR reminds you of the value of order and discipline in your spiritual practice.

THE HIEROPHANT reminds you that you are a perpetual student.

THE LOVERS remind you that all your choices matter and to only make choices that raise your vibration and make you a clearer channel for Divine love.

THE CHARIOT reminds you to be confident and brave even though you sometimes feel alone in the world. People who incarnate to help the spiritual evolution of the planet along will never ‘belong.’

STRENGTH reminds you of your tremendous power and to exercise this power with kindness.

THE HERMIT reminds you to cherish your time out as part of your spiritual practice.

THE WHEEL reminds you that your personal ups and downs don’t affect your soul essence or the value of your gift.

JUSTICE reminds you to keep the balance and rest peacefully in the knowledge that divine justice is always in operation.

THE HANGED MAN reminds you that enlightenment can come in the most desperate circumstances and that God’s miracles often look very different to how we imagined them.

DEATH reminds you that one day all of us will meet our maker and that you can help people prepare for this.

TEMPERANCE reminds you that your gift of seeing is also a gift of healing.

THE DEVIL reminds you to transcend that which limits your potential.

THE TOWER reminds you of the need to sometimes start over completely and that there is no shame in that.

THE STAR reminds you that we are all connected, each and every one of us a spark of the Divine.

THE MOON reminds you that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

THE SUN reminds you to connect your calling to the path of your Sun sign in awareness.

JUDGEMENT reminds you to stay connected to the passion that fuels your desire to serve and to watch everything else burn away.

THE WORLD reminds you to keep dancing and that there are no endings, only new beginnings.

Angel Blessings


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  1. Glad you love it, Luna 😀 We all need reminding about the value of our work and calling sometimes. When nobody else can give it to us, we have to rely more on Spirit for validation. It's more difficult because it is less tangible but it helps birth a solid spiritual core identity.

  2. Epic is right.
    "THE CHARIOT reminds you to be confident and brave even though you sometimes feel alone in the world. People who incarnate to help the spiritual evolution of the planet along will never 'belong.'"
    As my soul card, this speaks so true. My energy healer and I were just talking about how aware we are that we are visitors on this planet and trying oh so hard to understand how things work here!

    Thank you =) I have had trouble understanding the tarot lately, a block, but this is a reminder to keep going.

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