Capricorn Full Moon 2017 – Intensity and Power Struggles (with Tarot Spread)

The exact time of the Full Moon in Capricorn is 05.06 BST, Sunday 9 July 2017

Watch out for drama, power struggles and intensity this weekend!

Normally, the Capricorn Full Moon is the ideal time to make cool and calculated career plans, set goals for anything that requires tremendous amounts of work and discipline, manifesting a new job, climbing up the career ladder, coming up with practical and pragmatic solutions and assuming greater responsibilities. However, the July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn is no ordinary Cappie Moon…

The normally pragmatic Capricorn Full Moon may find itself completely out of whack and the main player causing such havoc is Pluto which is sitting right next to the Full Moon (only one degree apart). Those of you who normally get more emotional than usual around the Full Moon may find this tendency multiplied. Of course, these intense emotions could still concern career-related matters but do try to stay away from power struggles. If you initiate anything because you are being emotionally reactive you are likely to create a lose-lose situation because The Moon is not only opposite the Sun this time but Sun conjunct aggressive, domineering and volatile Mars.

Channel any irritability into exercise or creative pursuits instead. A long hard run or half an hour of boxercise will be way more helpful than trying to engage with whoever is your perceived source of aggravation. However, we also have Mercury sextile Venus this weekend, so for situations that are not overly tense, you may wish to try negotiating by putting your most diplomatic foot forward… and now that you know which way the wind blows in general this weekend, you come forewarned and forearmed so that you are able to deflect any negativity.

Of course, the best solution is to – if at all possible – just walk away from confrontation that threatens go get out of hand. Also, please be careful if you are travelling or out and about. Drunk and disorderly type crimes are likely to sky-rocket on Saturday night so take good care of yourself to stay safe. With Mars as one of the main players, accidents of any kind could be on the rise too this weekend.

Those of you who are in already shaky relationships… brace yourselves. This could very well be the weekend of the break-up. Then again, if it is, it may be for your highest good so please don’t despair. Those of you in relatively stable relationships, just remember that being kind is more important than being right.

Full Moon in Capricorn Spiritual Guidance

So how can we channel these potentially dangerous celestial influences for the Highest Good of All? The information that is coming through from Spirit on this is that this Capricorn Full Moon carries tremendous transformation potential, provided we channel the energy creatively rather than aggressively. It is important to let steam off constructively rather than repress it. One way or another this energy will boil over and come out.

Engaging proactively with these celestial influences is definitely the best way forward. The process can be (most likely will be) painful if we are completely honest with ourselves but it will pay good dividends, especially of you are carrying on transformation work that you begun during the most recent Cancer Super New Moon.

I have created a Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread specifically for this Plutonian lunation, to help you own and clear and negativity/irritability within to avoid projecting it and causing trouble this weekend. I recommend lighting a black candle on Saturday night (Dark Moon phase) and invoking the assistance of Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturn/Capricorn for this reading.

The Plutonian Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

The Plutonian Full Moon Tarot Spread

1. Main source of provocation this Full Moon
2. Innate strength that will help me deal with this
3. What needs to be transformed
4. Do less of this/avoid
5. Action advice

Feel free to share your reading in the comments. I’m more than happy to help with any card you are stuck on, provided you share your reading with your own interpretation first (including positional meanings).


Lisa Frideborg

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