Capricorn Full Moon 2017 – Intensity and Power Struggles (with Tarot Spread)

The exact time of the Full Moon in Capricorn is 05.06 BST, Sunday 9 July 2017

Watch out for drama, power struggles and intensity this weekend!

Normally, the Capricorn Full Moon is the ideal time to make cool and calculated career plans, set goals for anything that requires tremendous amounts of work and discipline, manifesting a new job, climbing up the career ladder, coming up with practical and pragmatic solutions and assuming greater responsibilities. However, the July 2017 Full Moon in Capricorn is no ordinary Cappie Moon…

The normally pragmatic Capricorn Full Moon may find itself completely out of whack and the main player causing such havoc is Pluto which is sitting right next to the Full Moon (only one degree apart). Those of you who normally get more emotional than usual around the Full Moon may find this tendency multiplied. Of course, these intense emotions could still concern career-related matters but do try to stay away from power struggles. If you initiate anything because you are being emotionally reactive you are likely to create a lose-lose situation because The Moon is not only opposite the Sun this time but Sun conjunct aggressive, domineering and volatile Mars.

Channel any irritability into exercise or creative pursuits instead. A long hard run or half an hour of boxercise will be way more helpful than trying to engage with whoever is your perceived source of aggravation. However, we also have Mercury sextile Venus this weekend, so for situations that are not overly tense, you may wish to try negotiating by putting your most diplomatic foot forward… and now that you know which way the wind blows in general this weekend, you come forewarned and forearmed so that you are able to deflect any negativity.

Of course, the best solution is to – if at all possible – just walk away from confrontation that threatens go get out of hand. Also, please be careful if you are travelling or out and about. Drunk and disorderly type crimes are likely to sky-rocket on Saturday night so take good care of yourself to stay safe. With Mars as one of the main players, accidents of any kind could be on the rise too this weekend.

Those of you who are in already shaky relationships… brace yourselves. This could very well be the weekend of the break-up. Then again, if it is, it may be for your highest good so please don’t despair. Those of you in relatively stable relationships, just remember that being kind is more important than being right.

Full Moon in Capricorn Spiritual Guidance

So how can we channel these potentially dangerous celestial influences for the Highest Good of All? The information that is coming through from Spirit on this is that this Capricorn Full Moon carries tremendous transformation potential, provided we channel the energy creatively rather than aggressively. It is important to let steam off constructively rather than repress it. One way or another this energy will boil over and come out.

Engaging proactively with these celestial influences is definitely the best way forward. The process can be (most likely will be) painful if we are completely honest with ourselves but it will pay good dividends, especially of you are carrying on transformation work that you begun during the most recent Cancer Super New Moon.

I have created a Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread specifically for this Plutonian lunation, to help you own and clear and negativity/irritability within to avoid projecting it and causing trouble this weekend. I recommend lighting a black candle on Saturday night (Dark Moon phase) and invoking the assistance of Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturn/Capricorn for this reading.

The Plutonian Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Spread

The Plutonian Full Moon Tarot Spread

1. Main source of provocation this Full Moon
2. Innate strength that will help me deal with this
3. What needs to be transformed
4. Do less of this/avoid
5. Action advice

Feel free to share your reading in the comments. I’m more than happy to help with any card you are stuck on, provided you share your reading with your own interpretation first (including positional meanings).


Angel Blessings )O(

Lisa Frideborg


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  1. I felt strongly guided to do this spread, so here are the cards I drew. Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated:

    1: Knight of Wands. I need to focus more on the present and future instead of the past. I tend to get mired in thoughts of how things were much better back in the day and wishing I were little again so I could experience it all over.

    2: Six of Cups. I’ve no clue how romanticizing the past will help me stop romanticizing the past! Unless I’m meant to analyze why I thought it was so much better then and try to replicate that today.

    3: Eight of Cups. This reading made me smile as to how obviously I need to let go of the past. I’m getting feeling that this relates to how my mother would always tell others that I was very shy (both shy and introverted, I believe) and she used to speak for me. So now as a young adult, when meeting new people or people I don’t know very well, I feel so uncomfortable because I don’t know how to act or what to say and it keeps me very tied up.

    4: Two of Swords. I’m not too sure of this one either, but I was drawn to the words ‘withholding intimacy’. I tend to take the ‘safe side’ in conversations by either being quiet and avoiding eye contact or giving very short answers.

    5: The Moon. I have to face my fears regarding other people in general. I witnessed my father physically abusing my mother when I was little, and I think that has led to me being afraid of other people hurting me in any way for no apparent reason. The real question I have is how to face that fear in a loving way; I’ve tried several times with only marginal success.

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      Hi Naomi, thanks for sharing your Full Moon reading. There is so much more to the 6 of Cups than romanticising the past… Try to get a feel for it on a deeper level and you’ll be able to expand this reading for yourself. I don’t believe in spoonfeeding Tarot students, so I’m giving you homework instead 😉 And if ‘withholding intimacy’ is a good fit for the situation, who am I to contradict. There is usually a disconnect between heart and mind with the 2 of Swords… Full Moon Blessings, Lisa )O(

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  3. 1) King of Pentacles: I do things out of duty and loyalty instead of doing the things I love. Because I do not believe I can live the life I want if I do that.
    2) Six of Cups: I need to listen to my inner child and enjoy things more. Also look at what I really want to do and do that!
    3) Strength: I need to see that I can do what I want and what makes me happy and live my life. I am not stuck in doing things because I am obliged or feel obliged. More trust in my own strength to build the life I really want.
    4) the World: This one is tough to interpret because I see this card as so positive. I should stop with thinking that I can not get more out of life, that this is my final round so to speak. This is not my final stage, there is much more.
    5) Knight of Pentacle: get to it, do what I really want to do and don’t procrastinate or do other things. I need to get working!

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      1. Thank you Lisa, so in a sense I was thinking in the right direction. That I thought that this was it and I could not go any further. And thank you for mentioning Saturn, I do know but sometimes I forget. Best wishes, Ilona

  4. I just did this spread and it really resonates.. I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on card #1 and #3 though.

    #1 3 of wands I am really being called to spread my wings and embrace new adventures. I am in the process of learning how to set up an online business so that I will have much more freedom to roam to see new places. I am ready to embrace the challenges to fulfill my call to see new lands but this is a whole new landscape for me literally, the tech world is a destination of its own.

    #2 2 of cups I am naturally amicable and friendly, offering assistance to others when needed and graciously receiving it when others extend it to me. I am very open to helping hands, partnerships and a sense of comradery that allows both people to join forces to move along the path as needed.

    #3 Wheel of Fortune My destiny? Perhaps the path that I have been walking is no longer suitable as I recently in the past week have ended my most recent career of childcare which lasted over a decade to step into new pursuits. It feels like my journey is just taking a huge zig zag right now in a way that feels very unknown and without a clear direction. it a sense of trust in the process.

    #4 Knight of Swords I am taking this as avoid rushing into things. I have a tendency to dive head first into new opportunities without much forethought but often the whirlwind catches up with me and I realize it has been a mistake or I am moving along too fast and missing important key details that would create a much sturdy foundation for myself.

    #5 Ace of Cups Open my heart to new beginnings and possibilities. FEEL the connection to where I want to be going. Visualize a sense of overflowing abundance and let that sensation carry me through the unknown parts of the process. Trust my guides for support and assistance.

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      Hi Alanna, You need to learn to speak up for yourself is what I’m getting from the first three positions. 3 of Wands is a very direct energy, corresponding with Sun in Aries. If this energy seems to be coming at you from the outside, it is only so that you can own and integrate it. The 2 of Cups means that you are able to communicate frankly and for people still feel that you genuinely care about them. And yes, you need to learn the process when the end goal isn’t clear. Whom do you serve? Ask the Source your serve to guide you and trust/act on that guidance. The Wheel is an expansive energy. It’s only when we don’t expand in the direction of our guidance that the Path seems ‘zig-zaggy’ Blessings, Lisa

  5. I just did this spread and I got one of each suit and I also got a major Arcana.

    #1 Two of Pentacles I think I’m probably overloading my plate with the responsibility and things that I want to do versus things that I need to do.

    #2 Six of Wands as far as the strength that will help me deal with this I think it’s my drive in my ability to prioritize and multitask and know that I’ll be happy with whatever outcome I get

    #3 The Empress in terms of transformation I do have several projects that I want to start and things that I want to do and perhaps the Empress will assist me in getting these at least started

    #4 Five of Swords – I need to avoid wearing over things that I can’t control like finances right now or just problems in general. I should avoid hostility or confrontation over petty things

    #5 Nine of Cups I think I need to in sure that I take time for me this weekend as well it’s time for my boyfriend and I together and to do something together to show gratitude and to show love.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!! ~ Mikki
    mld1224 instagram

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      Hi Mikki, thanks for sharing your reading… The combination of The Empress and the 5 of Swords tells me that some of your creative ideas could do with a bit of pruning. Only keep that which has viability to avoid stress and overwhelm. Full Moon Blessings, Lisa

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      Hi Lisa, as per the instructions above, you need to provide your own interpretation and ask specific questions on any card you are stuck on for me to help you. Cheers 🙂

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        You need to ask specific questions about any card you are stuck on and provide positional meanings along with your own interpretations. Otherwise I have no idea about what has you stumped.

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