Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread

2018 Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread

Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Capricorn Full Moon is the most ambitious Full Moon of the year. It’s a great time to problem-solve, project and plan ahead for issues involving your career, organisation, long-term goals, status, discipline, recognition and politics.

Health-wise, the Capricorn Full Moon is a great time to cast spells for hair, skin, nails and knees.

The 2018 Capricorn Full Moon is a bit out of the ordinary since we have five planets retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), Neptune and Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde in Capricorn.

Because of all of these retrograde influences, the usual charging ahead to take over the world that can accompany this lunation is not likely to occur. A more contemplative mode is called for. The Full Moon on Thursday 28 June, 2018 is an excellent time to do some restructuring and reorganising.

I created a Capricorn Full Moon Tarot spread to help you achieve your goals. I made the spread into the shape of a wee mountain since Capricorns are keen climbers 🙂

Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread

1. Long-term goal (choose face up or let the Tarot choose for you)
2. What/which area to re-organise to accommodate this goal
3. What is solid and already in place to build on (talents, resources, etc)
4. What support to harness from people and resources around you
5. What outside influence/bad habit to limit in order to succeed
6. What you need to know about developments in the next 6-8 weeks, for good or for ill

Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread – Sample Reading with the Morgan Greer Tarot

Capricorn Full Moon Tarot Spread Sample Reading

1. Long-term goalThe World. I need to strive for excellence in all I do and vow to fulfil my potential. This is not the same as perfection; It simply means being keenly aware that every day on this beautiful planet is a gift and that the gifts I have within me must be shared for the Highest Good. The World corresponds with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Now that Saturn is retrograde in its own sign, I have a chance to slow down and ponder exactly what I must do in order to fulfil my potential.
2. What/which area to re-organise5 of Swords. Choosing my battles wisely in order to avoid an energy drain.
3. What is solid and already in placeThe Hermit. Continued and ongoing learning/studies. I’m a student of life, for life. In some of the older Tarot decks, The Hermit is very obviously Father Time (Saturn) himself, so this is a good sign!
4. What support to harness from people and resources around you3 of Wands. This is very much about networking with like-minded people… people who share and support my goals. This is where I need to re-focus some of the energy that has been drained away by putting too much energy into battles that I cannot win.
5. What outside influence/bad habit to limitPage of Cups. Less daydreaming and fantasising, more action!
6. What you need to know about developments in the next 6-8 weeks – 8 of Swords. The retrogrades are making themselves known. Don’t get yourself tied up into knots because you feel as if you can’t see exactly where you are heading or because you aren’t progressing in the right direction quickly enough. Look within for the answers and they will come… when the time is right. Spend less time online.

Let me know if you give this Tarot spread a whirl. I’m happy to help with any positional meaning you are stuck on, provided you give your own interpretation of the spread with the question.



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  1. Hey 😀 I did this spread because i’m a Capricorn (although I didn’t do on the full moon exactly because I didn’t have the time) . I used the Smith-Waite deck:

    1- Long-term goal : 8 of Pentacles – I plan to leave my mark on the world – I want to become a professor sometime in the future and do my PhD and etc.

    2. What/which area to re-organise – The Chariot. I need to put my things in motion – i’ve been on a ‘suspended mode’ on my life goals for a long time .

    3. What is solid and already in place – 8 of wands . I have the internal resources to move swiftly and take care of whatever is on my way 😀 (i’ve been discussing this with my therapist).

    4. What support to harness from people and resources around you – King of Cups. This might be 2 things: 1 – I need to harness support from the King of Cups (a guy who whenever I ask the deck about him i get this card) or 2-I need to follow my heart more and follow my intuition.

    5. What outside influence/bad habit to limit – Ace of Cups. It’s not the time to begin new stuff / projects . Keep only with you’re already have in hand

    6. What you need to know about developments in the next 6-8 weeks – 4 of Swords : despite the fact I need to put things in motion, they won’t exactly happen right now (it might be because of the retrogrades?) .

    Lovely spread 😀

    1. Post

      Hi Lia, thanks for sharing your reading. I don’t feel that the Ace of Cups is about not moving forward – especially with The Chariot showing up. It could be to do more with not allowing yourself to be pulled under by emotion… and the 4 of Swords prescribes meditation as a preventative remedy for that. <3

  2. I really like this spread! Here’s what I pulled:

    1. (Chose) 10 of pentacles: I would like to find myself with a meaningful and successful career, surrounded by abundance and family.
    2. Page of Wands RX – Seems to represent a block in my ambitions. take this to mean that I need to channel my energy into finding a new passion and be more ambitious.
    3. 6 of Cups – I think this card is usually referred to as the “nostalgia” card, or carefree and childish card. I like to think this means my youth is solidly in place, that I still have time to be carefree and I’m not tied down to true responsibility yet. Time is on my side.
    4. 3 of swords – yikes. This card always scares me. Seems like it might be telling me that I will have to take harsh criticisms to grow.
    5, the Lovers – I was blown away to get this card next. Looks like I will have to be more realistic about my relationship. Stop being so dependent on it perhaps?
    6. 4 of Wands – nice to see a victorious card. The journey in the next 6-8 weeks is very positive and rewarding.

    Any thoughts on my interpretation?

    1. Post

      Hi there, Bethany. The 3 of Swords could be about learning from failed relationships. The Lovers is about a need for greater discernment when it comes about who you let into your life. Though you are emotionally clear on wanting a soul mate relationship (as per the 6 of Cups), the Page of Wands Rx could be a sign that you are easily lead astray when there is chemistry with someone. Hope this helps. Blessings, Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa !!

    I chose the Star for position 1 (I usually blind pick- but She came forth quite insistently and has shown up in many moon spreads of late- AND is my card for the year!!)

    the other cards following I can decipher – but in position 5 (outside influences to limit in order to succeed )- I got 10 Discs (Motherpeace deck). I get confused when I get such a “positive” card (and something I am also seeking- opening to greater abundance) in a position that says I should “limit” this-

    Would so appreciate an insight into this …

    Thank you and thank you for your spreads !!


    1. Post

      Hi Carolyn, I tend to default to astrological correspondences for ‘negative’ interpretations of ‘positive’ cards. This is Mercury in Virgo, so watch a tendency to be persnickety or overly critical if you wish to reach your goal. This energy is really quite the opposite of the broadminded Aquarian energy of The Star, so it makes sense! Blessed be!

      1. thank you SO MUCH as I am called to use your wisdom of “default to astrological influences for ‘negative’ cards in ‘positive ‘ positions “…As in this New MOON cancer spread AGAIN I got 10 of Disks in the position ” what needs to die ” (love the Skeleton Woman reference btw- it is one of my all time favorite myths from Estes)- SO I am rereading this for me as letting die the nit-picking as you mentioned above…

        Once again thank you .

        Many Blessings,
        Carolyn 🙂

        1. Post
  4. Hello!!
    Very nice Full moon spread!!
    I have done the spread but i m stuck with two cards. I don’t know how to explain the moon at position 3, and the 10 of swords at position 6. My long term goal is the Empress.
    Thank you so much !!

    1. Post

      Hi Kate, The Moon in position three refers to an ability to receive messages from your unconscious mind in dreamtime or your intuition in general – trust the messages you get, in other words. The 10 of Swords, since The Moon is already in the spread as well, means you will need to face some of your deepest fears over the next 6-8 weeks in order to achieve your long-term goal. Hope this helps. Lisa

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