Celebrity Readings – Top 5 Reasons Not To

Doing celebrity Tarot readings is a popular practice and all done in a spirit of ‘good fun’ so why is it I get increasingly uncomfortable as I watch more and more of my colleagues get on the media bandwagon with this?

Am I just being a Saturnine (Mercury in Capricorn) wet blanket or could there be some sound spiritual and philosophical reasons not to go there?

1. A third-party reading is a third-party reading. If someone hasn’t asked for a reading we shouldn’t read for them. Being in the public eye shouldn’t mean that you have no right to a private life. Countless celebrities have died because of being deprived of their privacy, driven to death by journalists and paparazzi, looking to satisfy our inner hyena. You may argue that’s a fair price for fame and fortune. I would argue against you. Because…

2 Remember the Golden Rule? I will treat others the way I want to be treated. I assume that celebrities have a heart. I believe that they worry about their future just like you and me. I want everyone to know that the spiritual guidance I give, is the sort of spiritual guidance I would want to receive. I want them to know that a Seeker’s privacy is sacred. Always. Period.

3. Oneness is the next step in human evolution. I believe that we are all equals, all sparks of the Divine. I believe that seeing this spark in everyone, including celebrities, is an important premise for Oneness. Readers who follow a spiritual path and admire the teachings of some of today’s Spiritual celebrities like Wayne Dyer andDeepak Chopra would never dream of invading the privacy of one of them in this way, yet they are willing to treat other celebs (who may be no less spiritual) as if they have no right to privacy at all.

Just because media portrays someone as fair game doesn’t mean they are! We need to learn to use our discernment better than that. We need to understand the true meaning of Oneness.

4. Doing unsolicited third-party readings for sensationalist purposes lowers the vibration of the reader. And no, I can’t prove this to you. But ask yourself this: Do you feel more uplifted after reading a good book or after reading a tattle/gossip mag?

5. Celebrity readings demotes the Tarot in the public eye. If this is all they come across in media, it gives people the image that the cards are primarily used for spying on people which might put them off – or it might if they are halfway decent. All the hard work we have done to promote the Tarot as tool for spiritual development and healing will be for nowt. Who will take us seriously?

I believe that reading about a public political event that will affect us all is different to spying on the private life of a celebrity. Political readings will include the tactics and strategies of individuals but in this case we are reading on the power moves they are using to manipulate us which, in fact, makes this other than a third-party reading.

Spying on matters of the heart that is none of our business is no better than eavesdropping, curtain twitching or other forms of sticking our noses where they don’t belong!

Angel Blessings