Cheating, home-wrecking, sexual perversion and seduction in the cards

ETA 4 July 2020: I no longer endorse the content of this post. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and see clearly that the Tarot is a tool of spiritual bondage, deviced by the Devil to keep us from the Truth. Please read my testimony HERE.


Are you ready to face the truth about your love relationship if all is not what you hoped for? Could they be lying, cheating or just playing games?

Here are some card combinations for you to ponder if you are willing to not sweep the bad stuff under the carpet. Usually, the cards only serve to confirm your suspicions anyway. Your gut is usually pretty good at picking up on anything untoward…

Intent to cheat

Someone is starting to feel like the grass might be greener elsewhere and is likely to stray. (4 of Cups or 7 of Swords, followed by the 3 of Cups)

In the first instance, someone feels like they are stuck in an unloving relationship and rather than taking they bull by the horns, their affection begins to wander.

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In the second instance, we could be dealing with a serial cheater who simply gets his kicks this way.

The cheat

The intent is gone and they are full on involved in cheating! (3 of Cups, followed by a court card that clearly isn’t you!)

The queen of Wands quite often doesn’t mind being ‘the Other Woman’

The home-wrecker No. 1

This is someone who is stealing someone’s partner because they genuinely love them or because they are jealous of the kind of love they see in this couple (7 of Swords, followed by the 10 of Cups).

Typically you will also find a female court card in the mix. I’ll use the Queen of Wands again, to illustrate, but it could be any of them. (And obviously one of the male courtiers if it’s a male home-wrecker!)

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The home-wrecker No. 2

This is someone who is stealing your partner for money, or it could be someone who is moving in on the partner in a very well-established couple because they envy their standing in the world (7 of Swords, followed by the 10 of Pentacles)

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The closet pervert

This is someone who has an addiction to sex in one of the perverted forms and who will do it behind your back. It could be anything from watching porn to dressing up in your stockings when you’re not watching. (The Devil, followed by The Tower and The High Priestess for secrecy)

For more the most sinister of perversions, pedophilia  you would expect to see a Page (child) in the mix. If the perpetrator is a clergyman, the Emperor will be replaced by The Hierophant.

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A planned seduction – by a male (7 of Swords, followed by the Knight of Cups)

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A planned seduction – by a female (7 of Swords, followed by the Queen of Wands)

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As you see, I haven’t covered every possible angle or permutation of filth here so please feel free to add your own in the comments below!

Blessed Be!