Come on Baby, Light My Fire

22 Feb page of wands tarot love haiku

Lust – A Tarot Love Haiku

Sharp lust awakens
‘Come on baby, light my fire’
Makes me cry, ‘Higher’

Today’s Tarot draw is from the Universal Tarot of Marseille. Pages are Earth and Wands are Fire. The Angelic Tarot correspondences are Uriel (Earth) and Michael (Fire).

Work with sun stone, tiger’s eye and clear quartz to amplify the youthful energy within.

Pages are often seen as children under the age of 12 but can also be messengers.

There is still time to join us in the Month of Love poetry game – Check out the original Tarot Love Haiku a Day post HERE.

Choose to work with just Tarot, or combine Tarot with Oracle cards or other divinatory tools for inspiration.

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Blessed Be!