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couple with broken heart

“Sorry to hear about your recent break-up… It may not happen any time soon but you will love again. Love is one of the main reasons to visit this planet at all.”

I bumped into a friend in town yesterday and we ended up having coffee together. As we caught up with each other, it dawned on me just how much I was ready to level up in terms of relationships.

Next time, God willing, I will make sure that we are compatible right from the start. In fact, next time it will be the one God has in mind for me rather than the first best available remotely handsome bloke.

I don’t want a bloke at all. I want a man. A grown man who isn’t afraid to take responsibility and who knows he’s here to make the word a better place.

I told my friend I wanted someone spiritual. She asked me what I meant by ‘spiritual.’ That’s a perfectly valid question as we all have our own definition of the term. So I took a moment to really think about it before I answered…

Essentially, what it means to me is someone who is aware of and responsible for their own energy. They are not afraid to face their own shadow and humble enough recognise the occasional need for realignment in order to better shine their light. They are aware of their connection with the All and strive to lead a balanced, heart-centred life.

I decided to create a simple spread of things to keep in mind… In fact, to remind myself of daily in order to not have to experience another relationship fiasco. Mind you, in terms of learning, it was anything but a fiasco. Steep learning curves kinda rock that way.

But there comes a point when we are ready to graduate to the real deal.

Here’s a spread you can use to keep in mind while dating to make sure that you meet someone compatible on the non-tangible levels of your being. The physical is easy – either the chemistry is there or it isn’t – so I decided to leave it out.

I decided to use only Majors and Court Cards for this spread but feel free to use a full deck if you prefer:

relationship compatibility tarot spread

1. Spirit – The Lovers. Yes! I am ready for the real deal. This is a card of big love and a true Spirit connection. This is definitely a card for meeting The One. And best of all, I’m not so cynical that I don’t believe that the one for me isn’t out there. I know in my heart he is.

2. Mind – King of Swords. Uhu. Definitely not a ‘bloke’ – This is a grown man, with a sharp mind to boot. Excuse me while I burst out into a rather loud ‘Hallelujah!‘ Don’t know how or where I’ll find him yet since Britain is basically a nation of blokes but it’s not for me to worry about the how, just to focus on the what.

3. Heart – The Fool. Amen! I will feel free to be me in his presence. What a delicious first that would be and oh how I have longed for it! To meet someone who loves unconditionally and who wants to face the wonder of life with me… for no other reason than the joy of the journey. Something to look forward to.

Looking at the Elemental Balance of these three cards, it becomes obvious that the most important compatibility component for me to be mindful of is the Intellectual connection since all three cards are Air. This makes sense because my chart ruler is Mercury.

In the past, I have been put down because of my love for discussing things in-depth. I have a love of words… and so do you… whoever you are. I believe that mental agility can be scary to someone who isn’t able to follow… but I know you are. Can’t wait to meet you and to finally talk with someone who enjoys it!

Blessed be!


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  1. I got the Knight of Cups for Mind, which is a card I’ve always thought to represent myself. I’ve always been SO adamant in telling people that I absolutely NEED a partner who is my intellectual equal, so this reading seemed appropriate 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi, Lisa–

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your site for some time now and find I have a question for you. I tried this spread and wanted to how you would approach reversals (for those of us who regularly work with them). Even though I used the whole deck only two court cards and one major came up. The spirit card was upright, but the mInd and heart cards were reversed. The heart card was the major that turned up in this reading. For me, a reversal would usually mean that the energy was only there in appearance, was blocked or delayed or is being denied or suppressed. I am a little unsure how to apply this in this spread, however. What are your thoughts?

    In my reading, I got the Sage of Cups (King of Cups), Man of Coins Rx (Kn of Pents) and The Protector Rx (Empress); the deck was the Gay Tarot.


    1. Hi Michael, the key to reading reversals for ANY spread, including this one, is to work out a system of interpretation that is consistent and that makes sense to you. Then you simply apply it across all spreads. I find it much more useful to read how the energy flows between the cards without the reversals but to each their own 🙂

  3. Oh goody! I must admit I find you quite the catch *hope he blushes again*.
    Just so you know, I’m not quite that brave in real life. I was giggling when I typed those two little words though so good cheer all around. Would love to see you in real life at some point. Ohhhhh… check us out! Public flirting! This beats dating sites though, wouldn’t you agree? Major suckage going on with them 😛

  4. Lisa: I have found the same frustrations in finding a partner… to me, a spiritual person is someone who is trying to identify themselves as spirit, and thereby acknowledges all of the responsibilities that go along with that… but that kind of person is hard to find (though the search continues!) Thank you for your blog… James.

  5. Hi

    Loved the spread, however I have some confusion regarding the positions in the spreads. are we saying that “are we compatible in terms of spirit, mind and heart” or “am I ready for this with spirit, mind and heart”. Just my inability to grasp the meanings of the positions.

    Thank you

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