Dark Moon Tarot Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

Dark Moon Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

Dark Moon Tarot Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

For the Dark Moon reading today, I’m choosing to work with the beautiful Vargo Gothic Tarot (click HERE to view all 78 cards) – The Gothic Vargo Tarot is quickly becoming one of my favourite dark decks.

The Dark Moon reading below is part 1 of 2 for the Cancer Solar Eclipse. You can find both New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse Tarot spreads HERE.

  1. What I know should die. 5 of Pentacles – Poverty… and not just for me… For everyone. We live on an abundant planet. Only greed keeps humanity from prospering and every human being to be able to reach their potential.
  2. Why I hesitate to let it go. 5 of Swords. Why do I hesitate to part with my poverty consciousness? I think the image of the court jester with the impaled head of the king is very telling here, actually…  It tells me that I’m reluctant to let go because part of me likes to blame the élite ruling class. Part of me enjoys the drama of feeling like I’m at war with them. There is an imbalance here because of my love for conflict in general.
  3. What must die in me, to make more room for love. The Moon. What must die in me is my love affair with the fear-based illusory version of reality.
  4. What is too ugly (not-beautiful) for me to embrace in a spirit of oneness and compassion? The Sun (eclipsed). My self; my persona and my separate self (in the Jungian sense). I’m aware of this ongoing battle and I feel that this solar eclipse is one where I will finally be able to practise radical self-acceptance of my separate self.
  5. What can this ugliness teach me? Knight of Cups. That there are real treasures hidden in the depths and that my creativity will start to flow more deeply when I accept the ugliness within… because this theme is universal and can be expressed in so many relatable ways.
  6. What should die today? Queen of Swords. The old battle-axe persona. My refusal to live from the heart because of past pain and betrayal. My need to go to battle with my words instead of using them to heal. Please understand that I’m not talking about the Queen of Swords in general here. She is a good egg and I have no intention of parting with all of her on a permanent basis… I just need to lessen the grip she has on me when she slides all the way down to that end of the spectrum.

Dark Moon Blessings )O(