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Constriction – A Haiku

Constriction by fear
Fated love, failing back then
Holds me back again

Today, I felt drawn to work with the Past Life Oracle and the Frideborg Tarot

I use the Past Life Oracle for client readings about karmic relationships, together with the Tarot, and it always hits the nail on the head. Today I thought it would be fun to see what the Past Life Oracle had to say about the main relationship theme/lesson across all my many past lives, and how that affects me in the now.

That the theme still has a strong hold on me is witnessed by The World (Saturn), one of the main karmic indicators in the Tarot. I was also not surprised to see Phobias from the Past Life Oracle… Fear of losing love or being alone has, for a large portion of this incarnation, been a stronger motivator than the ability to share joyfully in a union.

Hopefully The World is also indicating that I am now mastering this lesson and won’t have to repeat it.

Karmic Love Lesson Free Tarot Gift for Valentines Day

If you would like for me to create a personalised Tarot Love Haiku, just comment below with your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. I will tune in via that information and pull one card from each of the decks I have used today. I will post as many of these as I have time for. It’s a small gift of love for you, dear reader, in this blessed Month of Love.

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