Day 15 – A Haiku About ‘Needing’ Love

day 15 tarot love haiku

Lost – A Tarot Love Haiku

I won’t find the key
To true love or lasting joy
‘Til I lose the need

The first tenet of ‘Forever Love’ is that you cannot approach it from a place of need or the realisation that you ‘deserve better.’ Both of these feelings are wake-up calls to help us prepare for forever love to come into our lives.

The second part of the tenet ‘You cannot approach true love from a place of need…’ is ‘because Forever Love is based on two people seeking someone to share their happiness with.’

This is just common sense really but a surprising majority of people who come to me for a Love Tarot reading have not been able to resolve this dilemma for themselves or even begin to understand that the underlying dynamic they base their soul mate search for simply cannot lead to the kind of love they seek.

The following dialogue is case in point. It is published with the kind permission of this prospective client whose name has been changed to protect her identity:

“Hi there, I was wondering if you would be able to do a reading for me? I have found you on a recommended site and I really like the reviews you have received.  Thank you, Helen”

“Hi Helen, tanks for getting in touch about a reading. What is your question(s) please?
Best wishes, Lisa”

“I would mainly like to know if I have a new man coming into my life and when? I separated from my husband nearly a year ago and I am lonely. Thank you”

“I’m happy to read on this provided you are actively trying to meet someone via online dating etc, in which case I could do a six month forecast (in the One Question format) to see if anyone new is likely to come in.”

“Hi, I’m not on any online dating services. I tend to go out with friends and spend time at the gym. I do still miss my husband but he is with someone else and I don’t think we will get back together. I really want a forever love.”

“I must admit I’m in two minds about reading on this, since it seems you are not over your husband. You need to tie up loose ends and make sure you are truly ready to start over. Otherwise the reading will reflect that you are closed off and not much of substance will show – You see there is no disconnect between reality and the cards… We can dream… but that is usually not what the cards reflect when they are read by an objective third-party… Are you hoping to meet someone on a night out? Is there a reason (other than your ex) that you are not with some kind of dating service? I need you to be done with the past and proactive about finding your forever love in order to throw down cards about what is ‘on the horizon.’ However, we could look more specifically what you can do to prepare for forever love if you like?”

“That’s ok I understand.  I am not on sites as I don’t want to give my husband the chance to laugh at me and give him the impression that I am desperate.  I have lost a lot of weight and improved what I look like as I am always hoping to meet someone new. I do still love my husband but I know our marriage is over as he has left me twice and lied to me constantly so I deserve better.”

“You suspect your ex would be trawling dating sites even though he is with someone else? This is not a healthy starting point to even begin looking for your forever love. Of course you deserve better… However, that realisation is only the beginning… There is much work to do. Let me know if you think I can help in any way but doing a dating forecast is useless since you are not actually dating yet.”

“Thank you,  sorry to be a pain. I just feel like I am not going to be happy and I so want to be.”

“If you are hoping that happiness will come to you from the outside (in the form of another person), you will never be happy. Happiness is an inside job. Once you are happy in your own skin, you can attract someone from  a place of wanting to share that happiness, rather than from a place of need.”

I invited Helen to do a reading about how to best prepare for meeting her ‘forever love’ but I never heard back from her. Perhaps she asked another reader or psychic for a reading. People will find a way of hearing what they want to hear, just as they will find a way of convincing themselves that they are ready for forever love because they think they need it in order to be happy. Of course, what they then do attract ends up being of a much lower vibration than the Forever Love they dream of…

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