Day 8 Love Tarot Haiku

So Fragile – A Haiku

So fragile this dream
A pure love is what I want
I cannot settle

I’m playing catch-up today since I needed a day without screen time yesterday. The haiku above is for today, Monday 8 February.

It combines Ring from the Celtic Lenormand with the sensitive Queen of Cups from the Frideborg Tarot. Ring is about partnerships, marriage and commitment in love. The sensitive queen of cups dreams of true love even as a child and cannot give up on the dream of undying fairytale love, filled with devotion.

Tarot Love Haiku Day 7

This is Sunday’s haiku:

Rose-tinted Glasses – A Haiku

Rose-tinted glasses
Is what I used to wear then
I see clearly now

Yes, the Queen of Cups showed up yesterday too! She’s Water of Water and prone to seeing anyone she loves through rose-tinted spectacles. Together with Woman from the Celtic Lenormand (who has more of a Queen of Pentacles feel), I hope she is learning to be a bit more practical. And yes, I do identify with this Queen, the empath among the Queens.

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Happy Chinese New Year and Blessed Be!


PS. Today’s draw is from the Celtic Lenormand and the Frideborg Tarot