Divinatory Snobbery

Not the most pleasant of topics perhaps but today is the Ides of March… Let’s talk about snobbery within the divination community!

Yesterday, I came across a FB group post by a person who is quite well-known in divinatory circles. It was about how people who claim to read the Lenormand intuitively make him cringe. One the most highly respected and famous authors on the cartomantic scene chimed in on the comments thread to say, ‘Yes, it makes me cringe when people claim to read the Lenormand intuitively.’ 

Thankfully, someone a bit more tolerant had already made a comment along the lines of ‘live and let live’ and ‘why the need to judge others?’ To which I simply replied ‘Amen,’ before leaving this group, which is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Lenormand communities on Facebook.

The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than for what unites them.
― John Buchan

I had a think about what I wished I’d said on the comments thread before I left the group and posted the following comment on my own Facebook page an hour later. The whole Mercury Rx chart ruler thingy often leads to these kind of delayed responses:

Saying that you can’t read the Lenormand intuitively is like saying you can’t play an instrument without lessons – Maybe YOU can’t but that doesn’t mean the same applies to everyone else. There are plenty of oracular and musical geniuses out there.

I’m certainly not that level of genius myself but I have been blessed with knowing a few people like that. The woman who could spend a couple of weeks in a country and then be fluent in the native language is one… The guy who could pick up any instrument and not just play it but play it well is another.

Then, this morning, I wake up to the following comment on my Doreen Virtue-related post from last week:

“Doreen and her fan girls make me want to vomit. She also possesses the most annoying voice on the planet as well as shilling metaphysics light. Her whole career has been spent scamming new age idiots out of their money. Unicorn tarot? Saints tarot? Fluffy bunny tarot? None of them come close to a true, esoteric experience. She is a shit lord who is in it for the money. Maybe if we’re real lucky we can buy her new and revised edition of the secret in six months from now. Give it a rest, your fangirl bullshit is nauseating.”

You can read my reply by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the comments.

It’s making me realise that all this hatred and snobbery in the Tarot and divinatory community is something we really need to address, so I’m doing just that, though I have been accused of snobbery myself for the work I’ve done to raise the ethical and professional standards of Tarot readers.

None of the work I have done has been hate-filled, yet the retorts have often been deeply hurtful because they have been an attack on me as a person, rather than counter arguments for what I have laid out as ethical guidelines with the best interest of the client as my only agenda. Mostly though, I think those kind of comments speak of the deep insecurity some people feel… and perhaps a case of ‘Oops, I guess the shoe fit!’ when people feel called out on practises that really do nothing the help the client (psychic spying and reading repeatedly on the same question, for instance).

The other form of divinatory snobbery I shall most likely have to tackle in the near future is the kind that is prevalent in the Norse Pagan and Odinistic circles. You see, I have a mind to take on the runes without being encumbered by my own Norse pre-Christian spiritual heritage. Can you imagine the backlash if they read the following thoughts I shared not long ago:

“The runes are calling me again but it is different this time… I no longer feel a need to associate the runes with the faith of my pre-Christian viking ancestors. Part of the reason for this was realising that almost all the remaining rune stones from around 1,000 years are actually Christian. Also, my middle name, Frideborg ties in with it all… I was born on her saint’s day – Frideborg was the first known Swedish female to convert to Christianity.

I have studied the runes for years but after a few weeks of intensive study in the viking tradition, I always start feeling clogged and murky… I mean no disrespect but I do believe the Old Gods were retired for a reason. What you will see when I start writing about the runes is not cultural or spiritual appropriation. This is MY heritage and I intend to take the runes to the next evolutionary level.”

Yes, I’m choosing to think, discern and feel for myself when it comes to the usefulness and practical application of the runes rather than rely on books which really only hold very vague clues about how the runes were used in the past. I firmly believe that just as you don’t have to adhere to a certain faith to read the Tarot cards, you don’t when it comes to the runes.

The hatred that came the way of Ralph Blum for his work with ‘The Healing Runes’ will most likely come my way too once I start sharing what I am learning from working with the runes intuitively. So be it.

You see, here’s the thing: Just because someone is gifted in the use of a divinatory tool or even ‘psychic’ doesn’t mean they are necessarily spiritual or aligned with the Highest Good of All. There are many fragile egos out there – people who feel they have to prove their worth and that their only way of doing so is through being right about whatever they claim to be their area of expertise.

When people are secure in their own being, practice and professionalism, they don’t have time to go around hating and cringing at practises that are different to their own. They use their energy for the Highest Good instead. To use discernment about what is for the highest good for our clients when it comes to ethical practices is not a form of snobbery, nor is it snobbery to warn seekers of the charlatans that parade as psychics and card readers but who are really only out there to take as much money off people as possible.

I wrote this article because I would like to see more tolerance when it comes to the stuff that works differently for different people. Let’s not sweat the small stuff as a community. There is no need to feel insecure if someone is having success with using a divinatory tool differently to how you use it!

Let us use that energy instead, to guard our borders against the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the charlatans of the world of divination and psychic readings.


Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg