Eeek! They’re All Majors!

A Tarot Reading with All Majors

Even the most experienced Tarot card slinger sits up straight and takes notice when all the cards from a well-shuffled full 78-card deck turn out to be Majors – especially in a spread of four or more cards. But what does it mean? And how should you interpret these cards?

Well, first of all, it means your Higher Self has a message for you and wants you to listen very closely – major transformation is underway. Secondly, you would interpret these cards from the point of view of your Higher Self only. In other words, mundane card meanings which in other cases could apply to some of the Majors can be put safely to one side. All you need to concern yourself with right now is your soul’s growth and wellbeing, as well as how you can more fully embody your soul. 

Allow this type of reading to take time. I’m not talking 30-60 minutes; this could very well take more than a week to percolate and make its way into your awareness in a completely meaningful and helpful way. Surrender to the process.

Here are five steps to help you connect with the deeper spiritual meanings of the cards on a personal level:

  1. Don’t panic! Breathe deeply, gaze softly at the cards and then close your eyes. The main message of all these Majors is to go within. That is because they are merely cardboard representations of major organising principles of energy (or archetypes) that are always at work within you. Resolve to do this reading fully aligned with your Higher Self. This means letting go of logical, linear thinking to a certain degree. You cannot achieve spiritual breakthroughs with only your everyday ordinary consciousness… Time to shift gears!
  2. Open your eyes and begin an inner dialogue with the cards in your mind as you go through each positional meaning and how the individual card relates to this. Ask the card what their message is. Write down or record the answers. Don’t worry about the answers making sense and, most importantly, don’t censor anything!
  3. Create context for the message from Spirit in terms of what is actually happening in your life right now. Consider the signs that you have already been given that major transformation is underfoot. There will have been a few – most likely three, as they tend to come in threes. What were they? Write those down too, with your notes for the reading.
  4. Take at least one practical piece of advice from this reading. Spiritual growth on the Earth plane is always going to be about taking action, even if that action sometimes only is to go on a spiritual retreat for a day (or a month). If what this action should be is not immediately apparent to you, just write down the question ‘What action does my Higher Self require me to take in order to further my soul’s growth right now?’ and keep it by your bedside. Often the answer becomes apparent in dreamtime. If you keep the question by your bedside, you will be able to write it down on waking.
  5. Meditate with the cards one by one, over a period of several days (one card a day is plenty). To meditate with a Tarot card, simply relax deeply and then picture yourself stepping into the card picture and interacting with the people in the card. Make it as real and vivid as you can in your imagination and stay open to what may happen. Again, write down what happened during your meditation as soon as you shift back to everyday waking consciousness. Some of it will no doubt make more sense further down the line.

All Tarot cards have at least three layers of meaning and to get to the deeper layers, you will need to spend time with the card. Just as it is true that you cannot stand in the same river twice, it is true that the wisdom flowing from the card with regards to your most recent question will not be the same as the wisdom and advice you received from that card when asking a question (even if similar) a year ago.

Another way to mediate with Tarot cards is to sit silently and tune into the energy of that card until you feel where in your body it wants to land. Then simply place the card on that part of your body and go into meditation, listening and observing what happens from there.

If you enjoy working with angelic energy for readings and healing, you may wish to be in dialogue with the corresponding Archangel for each card. Some Tarot decks, such as Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot decks, come with ready-made correspondences but if you wish to follow the more ancient Golden Dawn system, I have provided a list for you below:

  1. The Fool (Air/Uranus) – Raphael/Uriel
  2. The Magician (Mercury) – Raphael
  3. The High Priestess (Luna) – Gabriel
  4. The Empress (Venus) – Anael
  5. The Emperor (Aries) – Camael
  6. The Hierophant (Taurus) – Anael
  7. The Lovers (Gemini) – Raphael
  8. The Chariot (Cancer) – Gabriel
  9. Strength (Leo) – Michael
  10. The Hermit (Virgo) – Raphael
  11. The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) – Sachiel
  12. Justice (Libra) – Anael
  13. The Hanged Man (Water/Neptune) – Gabriel/Asariel
  14. Death (Scorpio) – Camael
  15. Temperance (Sagittarius) – Sachiel
  16. The Devil (Capricorn) – Cassiel
  17. The Tower (Mars) – Camael
  18. The Star (Aquarius) – Cassiel
  19. The Moon (Pisces) – Sachiel
  20. The Sun (Sol) – Michael
  21. Judgement (Fire/Pluto) – Michael/Azrael
  22. The World (Earth/Saturn) – Uriel/Cassiel

The system above follows the Golden Dawn classical system of correspondences (based on traditional astrology), with the addition of the modern outer planets used with the Elemental Trumps (The Fool, The Hanged Man and Judgement) and their corresponding Archangels.

I recommend you dialogue with the angel of the card you are struggling with first, before you do any intellectual research. To do so you need to be brave and enter into the silence and elevate your consciousness, so that you can hear what the angels have to say. Angels are not apart of you, or at least not any more than I am apart of you, they are celestial beings that reside on the higher planes, and that we can always call on for help and guidance.

Essentially, a Majors only reading is asking you to pay more attention that still quiet voice within (which some call God) and less to the clamour of the world. The angels can help with that.

BONUS TIP – Take the quint, i.e. add up the numbers of all the majors and then reduce them to a single digit or one of the Master Numbers (11, 22 or 33). This would represent the guiding principle for the reading from a numerological point of view. For instance, if the sum reduces to 1, you are facing a complete new beginning, if it is a 3 then your creativity is in focus, a 4 tells you that you need to work on more stability in your life and if it is a 9 you are called to be a spiritual teacher in some way… Always consider the greater context of your own Life Path and Year Numbers when applying this method.


Blessed be!



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  1. Thank you, really good post with so much info. 🙂 I’ve recently been drawing a lot of majors in my own readings! Not that surprised seeing the choices I’ve made recently and what’s going on in life, but it’s still fascinating. And I love how tarot makes me explore what is going on right now on an even deeper level. 🙂

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      So pleased you enjoyed reading this, Ania. Yes, I love the Tarot for the same reason – Gnosi Seauthon – Know Thyself. From this springs all wisdom and understanding.

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  2. This is amazing advice and information – again! Thanks a million!
    (Btw, I write on my phone and sometimes comments don’t go through, so I’m glad when they do 🙂 )

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      So pleased you find this helpful and glad your comment went through this time. It’s groovy when people take the time to comment. Thanks, Katerina! 🙂

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