full moon in sagittarius karmic release

Everything You Need to Make the Most of the Full Moon in Sagittarius

full moon in sagittarius karmic release

The 2017 Sagittarius Full Moon is about releasing judgement and getting in tune with our Inner Teacher. It is also a karmic Full Moon, with Saturn, Lord of Karma, conjunct the Moon. Saturn can be a stern teacher but there is a good balance with the boundless optimism of the Jupiterian Saggie energies here. Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is stationing direct on the day of the Saggie Full Moon. This provides a wonderful opportunity for balance and finally moving forward in areas where we have been stuck but thanks to Saturn’s close proximity we will have to work for it.

Sagittarius is concerned with higher learning, philosophy, spirituality and travel. This energy is in opposition with the chatty and sometimes glib Gemini Sun energy. Polarity is highlighted but not for the sake of it… It is highlighted to help us transcend. This is the true power of the Full Moon.

My own Teacher Guide is telling me to keep this post short and sweet because sometimes important messages get lost when we get too wordy, so I will try though I’m fighting my own Gemini Rising on this!

Here are seven things that Spirit wants you to know about Friday’s Full Moon:

  • Clouded thinking can be purged through setting the intent to gain clarity
  • Karmic shit is almost guaranteed to surface
  • Said karmic shit will probably feel oppressive
  • Oppressive feelings will add to your sense of confusion because the Jupiter Full Moon wishes you to EXPAND and these feelings make us contract our energy
  • The only way to liberate yourself is to own your feelings and hold yourself accountable (Saturn loves accountability). Once you accept your feelings, the clouds of confusion will clear
  • You must let go of ALL judgement, including self-judgement – Set yourself free, honey… You’re worth it!
  • Your Teacher Guide is waiting for you to make contact

Here is a little Sagittarius Full Moon ritual  (feel to modify as you see fit):

Supplies: black candle, purple candle, pen and paper, meditation music (optional)

Light the black candle and invoke the assistance of Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturn.

Get pen and paper out. Label the subject you are confused about. Sit with it and see how it makes your body feel. Next, tune into your emotions. Allow your emotions to catch up. Observe without judgement. If you feel really shit about how things turned out, allow yourself to accept these feelings now. Ask yourself how you contributed to the situation. What did you do or neglect to do? Where have you been judging yourself or others instead of acting on your inner guidance? How have you been limiting yourself?

Roll the piece of paper up and set fire to it on the flame of the black candle (use a fire-proof container) while stating out loud: I let go of all judgement. I forgive myself and all others, just as I myself hope to be forgiven. I am ready for absolute clarity about the best way forward and trust that this guidance can come in as soon as I stop limiting myself through judging myself and others.

Light the purple candle and invoke the assistance of Archangel Sachiel, ruler of Jupiter.

Allow your breath to calm your nervous system until you are in a receptive state to meet with your Teacher Guide. You may wish to play some soft music to help you relax if that is helpful to you. Simply tune in and wait until your guide appears. Ask them their name as well as to be shown any symbols associated with them.

Come back to ordinary waking awareness and take notes on what you experienced. Ground your energy back into reality by eating something, making a cup of tea, walking barefoot on the grass or playing on your bongo drums… Whatever works for you!

The Sagittarius Full Moon Karmic Release Tarot Spread

sagittarius full moon tarot spread for karmic release
  1. Where do I need to hold myself accountable now?
  2. What is coming up for release?
  3. What else I must do to expand in the direction of my most magnificent destiny?
  4. Who is my teacher guide? (shows a dominant trait or characteristic)
  5. What is their message for me at this point in time?
  6. Aspect of self that lack of judgement is allowing me to embody fully

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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