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Sometimes, people hesitate to get a Tarot reading because they fear bad news or ‘negative’ cards for the future. It’s not so strange really, considering how Tarot readers are portrayed in media. Off the top of my head, I can recall at least five TV & film scenes with very ominous readings that negatively impact the hero or heroine. Personally, I don’t know any real life Tarot readers that read like that (or who look like the woman in the picture above) though and I know a fair few!

Here is what I usually tell prospective clients to help them understand how I work and what a Tarot reading is really about:

Negative and positive are all a matter of perspective. Is it negative to fall over when you first learn to walk? The same principle applies to all of life’s lesson’s – It’s all about the learning we do from these experiences and none of them last forever. Without any of them, our life experience would be lacking.

I’m not a peddlar of unbridled positivity (although that shit sells), nor do I hold back on the shadow aspects when they emerge. However, I never leave you to flounder in what is or even what is likely to be because of what is. You are already on a trajectory for two reasons: a) how you have interacted with the world around you has created a chain of cause and effect which is still ongoing and b) your brain is wired a certain way and because most of us are not even aware of looping thought patterns the free choices that should be there, are not always available to us… Until we work with a tool like the Tarot!

My job as a tarot reader is always to help you take your next step more gracefully. Also, the future is not set in stone and besides your lifespan, very few things are fated. I read on the things you can change because my readings are proactive, not reactive. In other words, if you’re not happy with your prospects, we can use the Tarot to look at how to get a different outcome make the changes that you desire for yourself.


Another great thing to do is to read on the fear itself so that the client can understand how it came into being and how it has held them back from reaching their full potential. Because a fear of bad things happening in the future really has nothing to do with the Tarot. There are underlying trust issues which can usually be connected to specific developmental phases and chakras.

If a reading turns into a tough love session, I will always end with an Angel card message because nobody should leave a Tarot reading feeling that they are not looked after by Spirit. We are the shepherds of the Holy Church of Tarot, prophets of the Book of Life. We have a duty to inspire, and to replace fear and despair with hope and courage.

So you see, there is no need to fear. You won’t bet getting the ‘You’re fucked!’ card or any such messages here 🙂

Blessed Be!


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  1. Thank you Lisa that just makes too much sense lol. The terms “Positive and Negative” do carry with them the stigma “Good and Bad” when they are actually unrelated. Everything in our life has a lesson to be learned from each experience. So in the end it is all good for us whether it appears negative at first or not.

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