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female spirit warrior

When you get asked the same question by two different people in the same week, it’s good to put your finger on the pulse and detect the pattern. This past week, I’ve had a couple of people ask ‘How do I know when I’m ready to start serving?’

This is the kind of question that deserves a question in return, to help the person asking think more deeply. My question for them is, ‘Have you received your calling?’ Can you guess what I tell them when they answer, ‘Yes, I know I’m called to help the world heal’… or ‘Yes, I know I’m a Lightworker‘?

The answer is:

If you have received your calling, you are ready to begin. Click To Tweet

The pattern I’m detecting (and that I am finding in myself as well) is a deepened sense of urgency about the calling to be of service to mankind. So why do people question the timing? The reason is that they don’t feel ready and the reason they don’t feel ready is because they believe the story their ego-mind is telling them. It can be any of the lies listed below with variations not listed…

  • I’m not good enough
  • I need to get certified
  • I can’t leave my job – my family depends on me
  • It won’t make a difference anyway. Because climate change
  • Nobody ever listens to me
  • Somebody else is doing it better

First of all, self-worth issues is something you are responsible to resolve for yourself regardless because those issues affect how you perform in every area of your life. These days, there are so many different tools and modalities we can use, including oodles of free resources and videos online.

Secondly, if you feel that your ability to serve the Light needs a piece of paper that tells the world you have just completed a 12-week, 6 month or 2 year course in __________ (insert favourite woo modality), you will keep feeling that you need another certification on top… and then another… Here’s the thing: Your gift is part of your calling. You can begin using it now.

Imagine that your passion in life is to become a pastry chef for a famous Guide Michelin restaurant. What do you do every single day? You bake! And others get to enjoy what you produce because it’s not like you’re throwing your delicious cakes and pastries in the bin until you get hired for that star pastry chef job!

Same goes for having a calling to be an energy healer, meditation teacher, oracle or spiritual counselor… You share your gifts with the world, every single day because it’s part of who you are. If you are NOT sharing your gift with the world, you seriously need to ask yourself why.

Is it about the money? Famous spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein gave free talks all over the place untill she started getting paid for what she is still doing. She’s not doing it better or more passionately because she is getting paid – Getting paid is just part of how the Universe has responded to her willingness to ACT on her calling.

Is it because you are feeling despondent? Then find ways of raising your vibration and becoming more positive about the world and the inherent potential in humanity. We are all divine and we are all connected. All responsible human beings keep their energy as high as possible in full awareness of the fact that doing so affects every single living being on this planet.

Or are you… gasp!… JEALOUS… of people who are already out their doing it? This is perhaps the most difficult block of all to remove because here we have moved beyond the pride of the ego, straight to spiritual pride (yes, it’s a thing). Perhaps you recall what made Archangel Lucifer fall from grace? Yup – spiritual pride.

It’s OK though. We can all be redeemed through a simple act of asking for forgiveness. There is even a perfect little prayer you can say with me now, known as the Ho’oponopono prayer:

I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Click To Tweet

Say the words out loud and repeat the prayer as many times as needed – at least twice – since you may need to forgive yourself too.

So I hope we can all agree now that you are ready to serve as soon as you understand that you have a calling but it is up to you to a) set the intent and b) act on the intent. The Universe holds the door open but you must step through it!

Finally, the one thing to be mindful of is that you need to centre yourself in Love daily through meditation. If you do that you are already being of service to the world, bringing greater levels of peace and happiness to everyone. It really is that simple!

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