Halloween Weekend Love and Romance Forecast

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Hi there, Highly Sensitive Person. This is your Tarot love and romance forecast for the Halloween weekend.

For this week’s readings (singles and coupled people) I have chosen to work with the The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck, the The Romance Angels Oracle Cards and the Tarot of Vampyres

As usual for these forecasts, I use an intuitive style of reading, without set positional meanings.

First out we have the reading for you single HSP’s…


Love and Romance Weekend Forecast for Single HSP's

The more our future outlook is tainted by the past, the more many of us sensitive souls grapple to be in control of not only our emotions, but the actual flow of events. Nothing kills love and romance faster than this. The temptation use hard control in your love life is a test you will experience in one form or another this weekend.

The antidote lies in learning to embrace the adventure, the unknown… to treat dating and romance like we treat our most trusted friendships – the kind of relationships that allow for an open flow of communication.

I would like to share a moral tale here to show you an example of how controlling people can get when they feel what they want slipping away from them, rather than accepting that it isn’t going anywhere. I have changed names and other details to protect the identity of persons involved.

Maria came to me about a reading with a guy, Eduardo, she had recently broken up with. She wanted to know if they would reconcile. My reading was pretty clear and concise – Reconciliation was simply not on the cards. The next day she told me he had gotten in touch and wanted to know if I was possibly wrong. Although I had not seen him getting back in touch (that’s not what the question was about), I still felt there would be no reconciliation.

A couple of months later, Maria emails me and tells me that they are now happily back together and things are going brilliantly. Again she asks if I possibly got it wrong. I told her the cards never get it wrong but I’m only human, so sure it was possible… I offered a free do-over and it showed pretty much the same outcome and also that deception was involved.

She insisted and said she couldn’t believe it because a) the love was intense and they were now so incredibly happy together and b) all the other psychics had told her that he was her true soulmate and would live happily ever after.  She ended that message by asking if it was possible that readings with different psychics would show different outcomes. My reply:

Yes, sure. That is why I have it in black on white in my terms and conditions that I don’t read on the same question you have already had answered by another psychic. Psychic-hopping and asking the same question multiple times muddles the energy, all pro readers and seers agree on this. If you were certain about the intensity of the connection you have with this guy you wouldn’t go for readings… the fact that you are is perhaps telling you that your gut has a message for you about this guy… I suggest leaving it for at least three months before you have a reading on the same question (also in my terms and conditions which you agreed to when you ordered the reading). 

She then asked pretty much the same question again, to which I replied:

All I can say is, I still trust the final outcome here. Especially after all you’ve told me. I can only speak for myself.

She then comes back to me with another email that reveals that she had lied to me to test me. It turns out the first reading was correct.

So… Why am I sharing this? Because getting a Tarot reading can be a way of attempting to control the flow of events, even to the point of people going a bit cray-cray, psychic-hopping and lying to their Tarot reader. Other times it can be more subtle… Like asking the cards ‘When will he show up?’ over and over again… If you are single and want a reading, be prepared to face yourself and your shadow square on in order to resolve your issues and remove blocks to love. Anything else is pretty much a waste of time.

What we meet out there… the lovers and relationships we involve ourselves with… will always be a reflection of where we are at on a deep soul level.

But I totally get it… It’s easy to start believing the lie that love hurts (when really the pain comes from a lack of trust) and that this justifies any means in trying to avoid the hurt.

So the message for this weekend is simple: Let go of trying to control love. Just be love and embrace the unknown. Trust in your own Path. You can never control other people – only yourself… know that when you learn to keep your heart open to love, love itself will be your reward. Trust is a gift you extend to others that returns to you manifold. If you don’t believe this, then pause your search for a partner and resolve this issue for yourself until you are ready for love.


Halloween Weekend Love and Romance forecast HSP Couples

We may feel that our need for romance and intimacy is not met this weekend. The temptation may be to allow our pride from sharing how we truly feel and/or doing something about this deep longing for a more intimate and loving connection with our partner.

Wallowing in feelings of self-pity and isolation can be an old pattern if we grew up feeling misunderstood. It’s very easy to default to this setting. But let’s not. Let’s move to higher ground and free ourselves!

If we open up our world and let our partner in, this weekend can bring major transformation and new depths of intimacy… It’s totally up to us!

Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings!


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