Hey, Tarot Reader! Are You an Introvert?

Most psychics, healers and Tarot readers I know are introverts and I most certainly am myself.

If you’re not sure where in the spectrum you fall, you can take this TEST to see if you are an introvert, an extrovert or possibly even an ambivert (sic!).

One of the main challenges as a Tarot reader is to find a way of working that suits you. Not all readers are cut out to work long days in public, reading for dozens of people at fairs or doing phone readings where you constantly have to be introduced to new people and interact on what introverts perceive as a ‘superficial’ level.

Most introverts struggle with small talk and other forms of communication that they perceive as lacking in depth and meaning.

If you are an introvert, doing mainly email readings might be ideal in addition to seeing a few clients for face to face readings every week. You may also enjoy writing about tarot-related topics. Many introverts are more comfortable expressing themselves in writing than in speaking.

Although teaching is considered an extroverted activity, introverted readers can make excellent tutors, teaching 1-2-1 or in small groups.

Teaching big seminars and webinars might be a better choice for the extroverts among you since these types of activities are extremely draining to most introverts.

What energises an extrovert drains an introvert and vice versa. If you are an introvert and have to see many clients the same day, you need to make sure that you can have some ‘me-time’ to recharge your batteries after.

Know yourself… and don’t fight your nature! Most of the work you do should feel energising rather than draining and if doesn’t, it could be time to change the way you work so that you can start capitalising on your strengths.

If you are interested in going deeper into personality types, you may enjoy the Jung Typology Test.

I’m an INFJ (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging)… What are you?

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  1. Yes I have recently had to learn to accept this as I was trying so hard to be what I was not. I need a lot of time to recharge or I pretty much get sick being an introvert and an empath. I tried doing phone readings but I am more comfortable with chat and email. The marketing and putting yourself out there is tough so i try to do it mostly online although i could potentially be a great speaker I am not as comfertbale at being seen so I would like to foucs on books and blogs instead.

  2. Thank you for this Lisa. As an introvert, I do well as the business person 'behind the scenes', but not with a recent interview, while 'knowing' it's for larger groups. Of course Mercury rx doesn't help matters. This was a nice confirmation for me, to just start saying 'thanks, but no thanks' again. Much love.

  3. I hear you, Celeste! I don't struggle quite as badly with the marketing side of things after doing the Business Goddess E-course but it will never be my favourite use of time and I too would love have someone else do it for me 🙂

  4. Lisa-liked the article-thanks for posting it. Not all tarot readers are introverts though-I know some very extroverted ones. As an introvert myself though-mostly-I do have my moments!- I can handle the teaching, and the multiple readings, its the business world of tarot that I struggle with. I have alot of trouble with putting myself out there in a marketing sense and also follow up with potential clients-that is torture for me. I dream of a day when I am busy enough and rich enough to hire someone to do that for me. Lol.

  5. Hi, Lisa! I'm an INFJ as well. How I came to be a teacher and speaking in front of large groups all the time is a puzzle!

    In social situations, I find that my introversion is more of an issue. Sometimes the anticipation of a social situation (read: I dread them) is the worst thing. I hate small talk and being put on the spot.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

  6. hey, espearite – did you know that i used to work as a medical transcriptionist?! i did it for three years and i SO get you!! 😀 and i get the exhaustion from talking thingy too. i get it because i prefer THINKING to talking and that's perfectly NORMAL for introverts. it's all about getting the balance right. 🙂

  7. Introvert here as well. Working medical transcription for over 5 years has made me all the more introvert. You don't do any talking 100% of the time. The thing I worry about with going into a professional consulting business is getting exhausted so quickly from talking so much, lol. Is this a problem with you or anyone else? I did buy a game called The Art of Conversation to get me used to lot of talking. Thank for the great post.

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