Dance Divination – Access the Wisdom of Your Body


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
Martha Graham

It has been said that knowledge can be communicated but that wisdom has to be experienced. To dance is to experience deeply…

37491138_lSometimes when you pull a Tarot or oracle card for guidance, you get very little useful information. Yes, what you read makes sense but you can’t apply it to your own life in a way that creates positive change (too detached/lack of integration). Or… you look at the image and feel the message acutely but can’t quite put words on it or apply it to your issue (too subjective/repressed emotions). Those are times when you need to dig deeper and access the card at the somatic and feeling levels. The reason the meaning is not immediately apparent is that there is an energetic block – one that improvised movement can easily unblock.

The beauty of dancing the cards is that you have to be neither an experienced Tarot reader or a trained dancer. Symbols and movement are gifts to all of humanity. All you need to do is trust, breathe… and begin:

1. Choose your card. Look at the image and notice (above all else) how it makes you feel.

2. Place the card on your body where you feel it the most.

3. Ask yourself, “What music fits the mood of this card?”

4. Put on that music and begin to dance. (limber up first)

5. Stop when you are done – Trust that you will know when.

6. Revisit the card and make some notes about your experience.

7. Create a healing affirmation based on the body wisdom that surfaced.

“If theater is ritual, then dance is too… It’s as if the threads connecting us to the rest of the world were washed clean of preconceptions and fears. When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”
Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

Blessed Be!