Blind Dowsing for Mr Right Now

woman with two potential lovers

Sooooo… You’re not sure which one out of the two guys now vying for your attention is the right one? There can only be one answer: neither – at least for the role of ‘The One’… because when your soul recognises The One, all others fade into the background.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good company along the way, especially if you are not certain that you are ready to settle down yourself!

Today’s post is more of a vlog really and I’m using my webcam so apologies for the picture and sound quality. I hope you can make out what I’m saying / showing and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section on YouTube or here on the blog.

For this divination technique, you will need pen and paper, two or more envelopes, a pendulum, a deck of cards… and, if you so desire, a candle to light before you begin, in order to invoke your guardian angel.


Angel Blessings



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  1. Hi Lisa, Thank you for taking my pendulum and tarot readings to a whole another level! I tried your “blind” method with various types of questions and it really works! I’m a really big fan of your sites! Thanks for all your fun and modern tarot tips!

  2. Your website looks really interesting and I enjoyed your demonstration with pendulum and Tarot – very innovative. The gun in the photograph concerns me – it is a lethal weapon and a symbol of extreme violence. As a woman, I am offended by it.

    1. Thanks Willow – Glad you enjoyed the information in the video. I just thought the picture was funny. Sorry you feel that it’s offensive. I personally have no opinion on the matter but certainly didn’t intend to offend, only to entertain.

  3. Fantastic, Lisa 🙂 I bought a pendulum earlier in the year but still don’t feel confident in using it. I will have a go again though 🙂 Don’t have anybody in my life at the minute but the information on the pendulum and seeing someone use it was very helpful. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks Ruth. Remember that if you struggle with the pendulum and start second-guessing yourself, you can always divine blind – not just for this type of question. I do it all the time. I suspect you are a bit like me with regards to the mercurial quality 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa! Like in your video, I did a hypothetical choice as well – I randomly picked 4 envelopes, then added the papers with names of 3 random men I know (one even taken, as I wanted to see if the cards picked would show that) and one that said “not met yet.” I mixed the papers upside-down, then placed in envelopes, then mixed envelopes around – so I had no way of knowing who was in which envelope. I pendulumed the envelopes and all said no except one. I then chose one tarot card for each of the no answers as to why – then pulled a card for the yes answer to explain further, and it was uncanny! Two of the men’s foundations were rather shaky, of which I got the 3 of wands reversed and the 6 of coins reversed respectively, and the one who is taken – the upright Queen of Wands shows up! The remaining “yes” card? I got the reversed Ace of Cups. Right then, I knew what was going to be inside of the envelopes – and sure as HECK, the yes one was “not met yet!” I am interpreting the reversed Ace of Wands as that I am not ready for him, as I am still grieving my soul mate husband’s sudden and unexpected passing last October as well as I need to move as I have felt for a long time like I do not belong here (and circumstances as to why I came originally are successfully complete luckily). NICE JOB!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisa. That’s a brilliant adaptation and totally fine to pull just one card each for each potential lover. Amazing how the Tarot tells the truth every time, isn’t it? I was glad you were able to make good use of your pendulum for this and I wish you all the best with your new future love. I would probably have been tempted to pull a few more cards for the ‘yes’ guy!! 😀

      1. Well, in all honesty, I am really not ready and the first card just told it to me. It was OK since it was a hypothetical reading and I decided to not continue. It might be different if I were really ready – but oddly, Mr. “Not Met Yet” has shown up in other readings of mine about moving for a couple months now, and is usually the King of Disks (sometimes other cards too, like the Emperor – and I guess this tells me to not worry about that part of the future very much and that is fine with me!) When other psychic friends talk to me, they see a similar energy, two of which went as far as saying Taurus was a dominant theme. I guess we will see, huh? HUGS to you Lisa!

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