How to Stop Reading the Tarot Like a Little Bitch

Are your readings empowering you and those you read for? One of the biggest pitfalls when reading the Tarot is to have it take freedom of choice away and read in such a way that makes the future seem set in stone. It is not the Tarot that is the problem, it is ignorance coupled with a sense of entitlement that makes people ask all the wrong questions as if the future should be served up for them on a silver platter, no personal responsibility or accountability required.

7 tips to help you stop reading like a little bitch:

1. Formulate empowering questions that helps you take the right action to get you to your desired destination. You can find sample questions of the worst and best questions to ask of the Tarot HERE. Always check with yourself if it is your ego or your Higher Self asking. Your Higher Self strives toward healing and oneness, always wanting a solution that benefits all of mankind and generates karmic merit.

2. Read on short time periods if asking about the future. There is magickal axiom that tells us to ‘spell long, divine short.’ The reason, of course, being that the future is NOT set in stone. I like to keep my reading time frame to 6-8 weeks and only occasionally do readings that look further ahead. One such exception is the New Year or Birthday 12 Month Angel Tarot reading. This is not a reading about set in stone events but rather a heads up from the angels about how to make the most of the energy of each month.

3. Don’t read on the same question over and over again as if the cards themselves have the power to alter your future. They don’t. All this will accomplish is a sense of confusion and further disempowerment.

4. If you don’t like what you see in the Tarot mirror, change your thoughts and start taking positive action. Leave the cards alone for a few weeks. If you are sincere about making positive changes, the cards will reflect this the next time you read.

5. Don’t ask the Tarot cards if someone is right for you or if they will change/commit. If they don’t treat you right now, they most likely never will. As Maya Angelou says, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” If someone treats you with a lack of respect today, they will do the same tomorrow and the day after and the day after that…

Instead, ask if there is anything you can do to change the relationship dynamic and what to expect if you implement these changes. Alternatively, if they are being a complete jerk, don’t insult the cards or your own intelligence by wasting a reading on this person. Let go and move on. You can’t fix them and they won’t thank you for trying.

6. Don’t ask the Tarot cards if someone who is in a committed relationship will leave their partner for you. Have some fucking morals! Think about the third party and the shitty karma you are collecting for yourself. The cards potentially showing you that your married lover will commit to you does not justify their cheating or your lack of morals – It is not some sign from God that you two belong together.

7. Never ever use the question ‘Should I…?’ THINK! Who are you asking? Why would the cards tell you what you should or shouldn’t do? If you are uncertain about a choice, ask ‘What can I expect in terms of blessings and challenges if I move down this path?’ Then make a decision for yourself, based on the information gathered.


~ Lisa